It's Time


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It's time.

It's time to push for bans on the objects of death of innocent American citizens.

We need to push hard for a ban on ALL alcoholic beverages. No manufacturing, distribution, sale or consumption. This will eliminate drunk driving deaths. This will eliminate battered spouses by drunks. This will eliminate people dying from liver damage caused by alcohol abuse. Why isn't this country as adamantly pursuing an alcohol ban as aggressively as it is gun bans.

It's time to push for a complete ban on tobacco products. Tobacco and it's substitutes are killing smokers and non-smokers alike. This will eliminate people dying of tobacco induced cancer. This will eliminate tobacco related COPD. No manufacturing, distribution, sale or consumption of tobacco products. Why isn't this country as adamantly pursuing a tobacco ban as aggressively as it is gun bans.

I realize that being sarcastic and banning products won't work. It is senseless and society won't approve of the action (look at the results of prohibition in the '20s & '30s). Besides, our government benefits from its taxation of these products.

MADD, SADD etc. have it right. They are attacking the root cause of the problem with drunk driving - the people! They aren't trying to ban alcohol. The American Lung Assoc., the Foundation for a Smokefree America, Voice Indiana ( and others are working to inform the people of the hazards of tobacco. MDA, hometown, Bloomberg & others need toward from these organizations and concentrate on the real problem with gun violence, not the tools used.

Yes, both products above are subject to restrictions and banned areas of use. This may be unpopular with those who wish to partake in their use but by being restricted, they are not being harmed or left defenseless.

Being from Indiana which has a smoking ban in public places both state & private owned, I get a number of people that argue that they are being discriminated against because they can't smoke in a restaurant but I can still carry my gun. I tell them that their smoking affects MY health where my gun doesn't affect them (other than their own insecurity). They say it isn't fair and equal treatment. I always respond that it is TOTALLY equal. They are allowed to carry their cigarettes into the restaurant just as I'm allowed to carry my gun. However, if either of us try to use our item, we are subject to arrest for breaking the law. On another point, should a criminal enter to rob everyone, my gun can stop the threat of harm to all of us. What can your cigarette do?

It's time to get a real perspective on the issues rather than being simple minded in thinking we can ban all things bad in this world and solve all if society's problems.

Indeed, lets just ban people.

In all seriousness, I liked your post. If you don't kill the root of the weed and just keep hitting it with a lawn mower it will just keep coming back.
God gave man free will, and it didn't come with an instruction manual. I used to think we learned from our mistakes, I was evidently wrong. As long as alcohol and tobacco continue to raise enormous revenues for the government that continuously makes noise about banning them, nothing will happen.

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