It's official: Obama picks Biden for VP


Thank God I'm alive!
The absolute most anti gun ticket in history. Obama by himself was bad enough, but together with Biden, we gun owners stand to lose big if this tandem makes it into the White House.

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Great reason for all of us to get out and vote as well as encourage everyone we know of to register and vote as well. We now have a responsibility to educate our friends and family as to why Obama shouldn't be elected. I strongly recommend finding reasons other than the firearms issues. There are a great majority of folks out there who are afraid of guns, so by introducing the firearms issue may actually work against us.



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"Banning guns is an idea whose time has come."
- U.S. Sen. Joseph Biden
Charlton Heston rolls over in his grave.

I almost had a heart attack, if this was true

About 3 A.M EST NBC had announced that Link Removed for his VP

Mark Halperin is Link Removed that two GOP sources are saying that John McCain has picked Mitt Romney as his VP. If this is true, McCain will probably leak the information hard tomorrow as a ploy to get the story off of his little housing problem.

If Romney is chosen, Americans would almost guarantee to see an AWB again.

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