It seems like MA is full of illegals related to our president. He's really a citizen?


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It will be interesting to watch this one unfold.

After what happened in Milford last weekend... Yea... Interesting... Our governor and Obama are old buddies... I wonder how many more he's hiding here... No wonder why our left leaning governor wants to fight the implementation of "Secure Communities" in the state...


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A Boston Herald article on drudgereport reported that "Uncle Omar" is being deported due to being an illegal alien, but apparently he had a social security number and a driver's license(?). I understand that the perfect family may not exist, but the Obama family seems to be ranking lower and lower on the scale. What you don't know but find out after election day 2008 CAN hurt you!


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And uncle Omar expects him to bail him out? 13 Trillion in debt and living in public housing but he has the printing presses running.:fie:


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Or how many times and in how many districts. You can take the folks out of the ghetto but it is hard to take the ghetto out of them. Just scum in fancy clothes and good educations(at our expense of course).

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