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Hi everybody. My wife and I have recovered pretty well from our car accident, although I probably won't ever go on long hikes in the woods again. The doctors rebuilt my heel and I can walk on it fine in a normal everyday sort of way. Running or jogging isn't possible though, and I can only walk about 1/4 of a mile before the arthritis sets in bad. But hey at last I'm walking, and I'm back at IDPA every tuesday.

(do you guys know about IDPA at sturm's indoor range in springdale on Tuesdays at 4:30pm? $5 to shoot, and really fun!)

I'm becoming a bit of an H&K junkie after I bought a new P30 and I'll probably get a USP compact 9mm this week. Sold my CZ P01 after I lost confidence in it (FTEs with some whitebox S&B ammo during break-in). It's possible the FTE problem might have disappeared, but I can't stand keeping a gun that I'm not 100% confident in. I'm quite unforgiving with my guns. The P30 hasn't let me down yet.

Gotta go, ttyl.

Bummer! Didnt know you were in a wreck..glad that youre back tho..would love to show up and maybe do and learn some IDPA..and with gas being what it is now, I may be able to do it once a month as I am 40 miles out, one way..I will try and get out there next week (JUL 1) as I have out of state kin folk here until wed. WIll show up and observe on the first and see what it's all abt and then go from there. See ya then.
Glad you are back. I am partial to HK's but then what would you expect. Anyway I will be looking forward to more posts in the days ahead.
Glad to hear you are ok now. Even happier to hear that the accident did not impair your shooting ability. When's your next IDPA match? Can you post a picture of your target in the gallery?

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