Is There Ever A Right Time?


I’m curious! Under what circumstances would you show someone else that you are armed?

A funny thing happened to me the other day. I was at a gas station filling up the chariot when I looked up from the pump to see a very scruffy looking (I thought) street vagrant walking very deliberately straight towards me! He caught me completely by surprise; and, as I turned to face him while I still had one hand on the gas hose nozzle, the breeze caught my jacket, and blew it slightly open.

So, for just a moment, my pistol was visible to the man who was walking up on me. Suddenly he stopped, gave me a good hard look, and just as suddenly turned around and quickly walked away. I don’t know what his intentions were, but I am glad things turned out the way they did.

Then there is the time a good friend of mine went to the hospital emergency room at around 1:00 AM on a Sunday morning. He was badly injured, in agony, and forced to wait in line for treatment with a whole bunch of other sick people. As ER staff all over the country know, late nights are when the drug addicts usually end up at emergency rooms, looking for help, more drugs, or both. Sometimes these strung-out people can be trouble.

On the night that my friend was there, 3 or 4 addicts suddenly became violent. They chased the aged and unarmed security guard out of the room; and, then, began to throw chairs at each other over the heads of numerous waiting patients! After the second or third chair went flying across the room, my friend pushed his own personal agony aside, and stood up to confront one of the bigger meaner fellows.

He told me that he deliberately allowed his lapel to open and reveal the speedloader pouch on the front of his belt. He wasn’t really sure that his pouch would be recognized for what it is; but, from the startled look on one of the young mens’ faces, he quickly realized the fellow he was facing knew he was armed!

That guy ran up to two of the others, whispered something to them; and, suddenly, the chairs were put down, and they all hurried out of the building. An old woman who was hunched over in pain, looked at my friend, and asked him what he had done? My friend replied, “Absolutely nothing, Ma ‘am.” The old woman thought for a moment, looked at my buddy, and said, “Well, you must have done something because those boys are quite clearly afraid of you!

Both of these stories cause me to wonder what I would do were I ever to be in a similar situation? How about you?

There was one time on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon I very carelessly put on my holster, but forgot to put my gun in it before leaving home. (Only time in my life that I ever did anything like that; but I did it.) Later that day when my wife and I were deep inside the Delaware State Forest on some lonely back road, we crested a hill to see a brand new, cherry-red Volkswagen stopped right in the middle of the road. A woman jumped out; and a man began chasing her round and round the car.

When he caught her he began beating her at and about the head with everything he had! I really didn't want to get involved; but, I thought that if someone didn't stop him he might kill her. So I got out of our vehicle, and yelled at him to stop! He didn't take my intervention well. Next thing I know he gives me this incredibly evil look, lets the woman go, and starts reaching into the back of his Volkswagen for something.

I didn't wait! I put my support foot forward, brushed my cover jacket aside, took a combat stance, and reached for my holster - My surprisingly empty holster! There I was with an empty holster, two extra magazines, and no gun! He glared at me; and, without any other options, I narrowed my eyes and started back at him. I had to think fast; and, without any viable alternatives, I decided my best chance to survive against this fellow, who was younger and much larger than I am, was to do my best imitation of, 'faking it'. So, with my gun hand at my side and from a gunman's crouch, I yelled at him, 'Don't make me do it!'

Then came a long pregnant pause until finally the ruse worked; and, leaving his car right there in the middle of the road, the brute ran off into the woods. (Close one!)

You actually left the house wearing only a holster without a gun in it! Jeez, what a schmuck you are! In the future you should be much more careful. Keep that sort of forgetful silly nonsense up; and, next thing you know, they'll take away your enameled gold CCW badge!

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