Is there a way to have a Indiana carry license on the first day I move to Indiana?


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I have a PA non resident permit and a permit from my home state. I want to avoid any lapse in being able to carry in my old home state and be able to legally carry in Indiana on the first day I move there. Is this possible?

HMMM...according to the reciprocity maps, a PA license (resident or non) works in IN... (Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry)

HOWEVER, I believe you have to notify your local (original) issuing authority within a certain amount of time if you move....

On my LTC it states that I should notify the Indiana State Police within 60 days of a change of address...

so, if you move on a permanent basis, your current PA LTC might be valid here in Indiana for a while, but I'd get info from your own jurisdiction to be safe

Ask someone in your jurisdiction about moving and how long you have to turn in your old LTC to PA.

I'm in Indiana and have a lifetime LTC, and way back in the 90's it only took me something like 10 days (?) to get my LTC

from the time I submitted it through the mail to Indianapolis (State Police) ...

From what I've seen on these threads, it currently takes a couple/few weeks longer these days (but I don't know that first hand)

Good Luck
Indiana recognises PA non-resident permits so all you have to do is within PA's change of address time, submit paperwork.

When I moved in July to Indiana, the innitial permit took 13 days and on the 2st of this month I submitted for a plastic duplicate and it took 8 days from pay online to in hand.
What the others said and - I don't know if you have to live in Indiana for a certain amount of time - like a month or two - before they consider you a resident. Something to ask when you call for info. As far as wait time - I got my permit here in June and it only took a week. I did the electronic fingerprint rather than paper, and am in Indianapolis - I've heard some people in smaller towns have had to wait a couple weeks - so I guess the wait time can depend on a couple of things.
Indiana recognises PA non-resident permits so all you have to do is within PA's change of address time, submit paperwork.

Not true if the OP is MOVING to Indiana. Indiana Code:

IC 35-47-2-21
Recognition of retail dealers' licenses and licenses to carry
handguns issued by other states
Sec. 21. (a) Retail dealers' licenses issued by other states or
foreign countries will not be recognized in Indiana except for sales
at wholesale.
(b) Licenses to carry handguns, issued by other states or foreign
countries, will be recognized according to the terms thereof but only
while the holders are not residents of Indiana.

As added by P.L.311-1983, SEC.32.

So, the question becomes: after moving to Indiana, when is the OP considered a resident of Indiana. There is no definition of resident in IC 35-47-1 (Definitions).

From the driver's license manual:
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Page 3, once you move to a physical residence in Indiana, you have 60 days to obtain an Indiana Driver's License, so it could be ASSumed that you would have 60 days to obtain the Indiana permit. However, I don't want to be the A$$ in assume, so I would call the issuing authority for Indiana permits and ask them.
you can look up on google "is my PA gun permit honored in IN?" and the state website will give you a list of other states that honor that permit. Then, after you move, look to transfer laws and see what you need to do.

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