Is the Columbia Zoo still a Gun Free Zone?


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I used to be a member of the Columbia Zoo until they posted their gun free zone signage.
It has been a while, several years, but I got a letter yesterday soliciting membership.
Have they removed the signage?


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As far as I know, it's still a "Free Kill" zone for any BG that wants to do some target practice. The last time I was there with the family I left early to wait in the car. I watched a car of BGs come through and look for smash & grab opportunities in the cars parked in the lot. So, unless you have a good safe in your car, I wouldn't even go.

BTW, It's the same thing with Ripley's Aquarium at the beach. BGs know it's posted and they cruise the parking lot looking for an opportunity to smash and grab.



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Legal or not, they are still promoting a Killing Zone.
If the Zoo or any other place posts no guns allowed whether legal or not
- they are enticing criminals to safely exercise their careers
- they don't want my business from people who want who rely on themselves for protection
- they have their heads up their arses thinking signage will prevent criminals from carrying guns


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I hope this helps, it is an email from riverbanks zoo


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I assume that by the Columbia Zoo, you are referring to the much ridiculed University of South Carolina, which is generally attended by a bunch of wild animals. Under SC law 16-23-420, you cannot carry on the property owned by a college, even one so poorly regarded as the University of South Carolina.

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