Is the 1911 outdated???

All things being even, the 1911 is the highest evolution so far in handgun technology and beats everything else. It's not outdated unless something else truly revolutionary - such as a handgun that fires destructive lasers - becomes available. Even then, they would probably still copy the look and feel, which is naturally ergonomic.

There are two things which make the uninitiated think the 1911 is outdated.
First the gun requires some actual training and practice to use well. You must be willing to put in the time with it so that releasing the thumb safety becomes an automatic motion requiring no thought on your part. Odds are that those who consider the 1911 outdated have at one time or another have tried to fire one only to discover that they hadn't released the safety. Rather than admit their mistake, its much easier to blame that old gun.
Second, too many manufactuers try to "improve" the design. Sure tightening everything up improves accuracy, but at the cost of reliability. The 1911 as originally designed by JMB has some pretty sloppy tolorences. It even rattles if you shake it. But those tolorences were put in there for a reason. The gun is still plenty combat accurate and nothing short of physical damage will stop it from working.

Anybody who considers the 1911 outdated simply doesn't know the gun.
Any John Browning design will NEVER be outdated or obsolete; at least until ray-guns or phasers are perfected. There are technological leaps in history that will bring a tool or instrument to it's logical conclusion and the 1911 is one of them!
So I guess I should sell my revolver since it's so 1800-1970's?:wacko:

OH...Can I pre-order the phaser? I don't care how much it is.
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I hope the 1911 is not outdated; I bought my first last February.

I think it's more of a classic design, like a Colt or S&W DA/SA revolver or a Mauser-action rifle. These are the guns many other guns are based on.

I agree with others in this thread who have said that the 1911 is a shooter's gun, one that requires training and practice. It is a gun for people who know how to shoot, rather then relying on spray and pray from a gun with a large magazine capacity.

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