Is Public Exhibition of Firearms Illegal in North Carolina?

To DocMustang... Son, I know this is a belated reply, but I didn't come to this website looking for your APPROVAL or a thumbs-up or anything else. Because I know, by and large, sites such as this are heavily infiltrated by anti-gunners posing as concerned gun owners. When I hear "gun owners" preaching suspicion and reporting their neighbors and outright, unreasoning FEAR, I know I'm not dealing with REAL, Liberty-loving Americans, okay?

I came in here to ask a question; and, ultimately, I came in here to TELL YOU how things are supposed to be in a FREE STATE. Because more than a few of you have apparently FORGOTTEN that it's our RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

Or, more likely, you're INTIMIDATED by the central government, and you're more than COMPLIANT with the 23,000 local, state and federal laws limiting your RIGHT to keep and bear arms.

No, I don't agree with the Law in many cases. I think the Law is WRONG in many cases. And I think MOST AMERICANS would agree that the anti-gun mentality is going to lead to the COMPLETE LOSS of our Liberties in America. The more you COMPLY with the insidious erosion of our RIGHTS, the more YOU are responsible for the death of our American Liberties.

I speak out against suspicion and reporting your neighbors and readily complying with the tens of thousands of laws issued to undermine the Second Amendment, okay?

Does that upset you, Doc? Does that frighten you when I say the Law is WRONG and that people should stand up and FIGHT the Law?

I'm talking about pursuing every legal course to overturn and repeal unjust and unconstitutional laws in America. We have a DUTY, as Americans, to keep this land FREE, and not knuckle-under to fear and political correctness and suspicion and reporting our neighbors.

You know where the government encourages the citizens to report their neighbors and family members, Doc? They do that in COMMUNIST countries.


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