Is Obama Biden his time?

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Biden keeps coming up as one of two possible "finalists" for Obama's VP choice. Biden wants to ban practically anything that shoots a projectile. The combination of the two would be two strikes against concealed carry. Obama does not think private citizens should be able to carry firearms concealed. That is a dangerous combination for freedom and the right to keep and bear arms and I sincerely hope it does not come about. Politics makes for strange bedfellows. Current polls show Obama and McCain in a statistical dead heat. Another (equally unlikely?) possibility is that were Obama to get behind more than the points he has already lost, a forced collaboration with Hillary might become a possibility. Michelle Obama would blow a gasket, but stranger things have happened. My sense is Hillary is seizing the day (pun intended) to put forth a swan song until her next run for the gold, that is, she is consolidating HER base. With a roll call vote and Hillary Clinton on the ballot, this has to be the second best ticket, close to the ring, this year, other than the Olympics. However, there seemed to be more love at the Olympics. No love lost here. Either Obama has been forced to "accomodate" the two bad pennies, OR he is just plain stupid. Time will tell which. The Democratic convention is much like a basketball game, where the opponents have ganged up and fiercely elbowed their way up to the basket. You just have to be smart enough to deflect the shot or trip them as they come into the key. Obama is a pretty good basketball player, but too inexperienced to make the team. He'll just have to (left) wing it.

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