Is my GFL still good?


i just recently moved to orlando, florida for college. i was a georgia resident and also held a georgia firearms license. now that i have a florida drivers license i am no longer a resident. would any of you know if my GFL is still good when i travel to georgia to visit.

I'd say no. Once you change your state residency you are no longer a resident of GA. So you lose your GA resident permit. If you check the GA laws in the GA forum you'll probably find that you have to surrender your GFL once you establish your FL residency.
I believe you'll find your GFL good until it expires, no matter where you move. In order to get another one though you'll have to re-establish Georgia residency. Here's some info:

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GA is like VA. It's valid until revoked regardless of where you live. You are not required to file a change of address with the issuing GA Probate Court. You won't be able to renew it until you move back to GA and get a GA DL. You also lose the benes of the resident GA license of carrying in States that only extend recognition or reciprocity to residents; Florida included.

You will need a FL CWFL to legally CCW in Florida as you're now a Florida resident. In Florida you either have to be a resident of the State that issued your endorsement, license or permit on the Florida reciprocity list or you must get a Florida concealed weapon or firearm license within 90 days after becoming a Florida resident.

If you were only going to stay in Florida for a year as a student, you would have been better off CCW wise to keep your GA drivers license.

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