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Is it legal to conceal carry a Ar-15 pistol? It's got pistol in it's name lol. I have seen people in my state who open carry their AR-15 pistols around the state house and other towns. But could you legally carry it under a jacket?

You'd have to check your local laws for the definition of "pistol" or "handgun"

Different states have different definitions
illegal not really

It shouldnt be illegal but if you have to use it for self defense the prosecuter would love you, you would in jail anyway no matter if it was ten guys with hand guns in a gun battle. my god sis is a prosecutor in tennesee and she is pro gun but i think even she would have to think that this was excessive.

it is irresponible of you to carry this weopon and if you do you are giving all other licensed carriers of weapons, you need to some have some common sense, did you consider shoot through of the 223 round. I mean i am a gun nut i own 7 handguns and 8 rifles, but i carry a .45 because i know that i am responsible for my round after it strikes my target. Why would you give ammo to the liberal anti gunners. so that you can look cool. come on guy

here you can look like this guy...

here you can look like this guy...

WOW for fucks sake DUDE TAKE A CHILL PILL!!! They can be made to shoot any round i want to put down range all the way down to a 22. People in my state already carry them around so chill. As for going to jail you don't know that till the hammer comes down. As people love to say on the forums " It's better to be judged by twelve then carried by six" . I love how people think just because it's a bigger gun or bigger more powerful round. That if you used it to defend your self it's " Do not pass go, go straight to jail". As for the photo of the BG from the movie deja vu carrying two HK PWD's that's a nothing posting all in it's own. If i had the money for the class three tax stamp and then for the toys i would own them in a heart beat. Saying that if someone was to carry a AR-15 pistol on them would give all gun owners and Concealed weapon carriers a bad name. IS NUTS. Undercover NARC's and ATF/FBI and so on carry them and HK PDW's. We live by our state motto "LIVE FREE OR DIE". I mean look at the guy who open carried a firearm to Obamas town hall meeting in NH yesterday. That took balls.
I stand by my original statement: that said, most states would consider an AR pistol within the letter of the law.

The problems will be ones of perception and harassment.
I stand by my original statement: that said, most states would consider an AR pistol within the letter of the law.

The problems will be ones of perception and harassment.

Yeah i know mate. I was not aiming my last post at you. Just kinda of lost my cool no need for three posts saying the same thing in a row. I get the point that he does not like the idea and thinks anyone who does it gives a bad name and will end up in jail. No matter what round you use there is always a chance of over penetration. I already know all the laws and that whatever my bullet hits by the letter of the law i will be held to answer for. I already know about back stops. I have not as i yet even started to carry and already find my self looking at threats. Thinking if i had to draw and defend my life it would be best to be here and have this as a back stop. I'm not some weekend cowboy who "KITS UP" in full body armor and goes out looking for thugs and punks to kill. I'm not trying to live the movie "Death Wish". I was just asking more so for the fun of it. It all depends on the encounter that lead up to the shooting all the facts. Did you start it? Did you go looking for it? Did you have a reason for being there? Did you do everything you could to get around it and away from it? If you did everything you could have done to get away or to talk your away out of shooting the person/persons. I don't think it's going to matter much what kind of gun, what kind of ammo,whats on your gun (laser sights,night sights, tactical light, sound suppressor)
there have been people who were people who were prosecuted and lost, if not wrongly so, because they had punisher grips on a standard colt. do you really want to take the chance. and really what can you accomplish in a self defense situation that you cant with a standard .45. i just dont want the liberals to have any more reason to try to take our guns. I mean when i went to mardi gras in NO, i had a shotgun and a m1 carbine in a sky bar in my car. but NO then was still pretty much like a war zone. I apologized for coming on so strongly. It is just the law is touchy its not about what you did in these cases, you could have done everything possible to make your self defense legal, but prosecutors dont care. And i am sorry again for being harsh. but yes i looked it up as long as the barrel lenght and over all lenght makes it a pistol then you can carry it.

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