Is it legal??

Do you seriously think that these businesses with the "illegal" signs would push the issue to charge you with a crime if your CC firearm is instrumental in ending a bad situation on their property?

I suggest that you study your local laws and get your legal advice from "competent legal counsel" who are familiar with the laws in the places you will be carrying. I strongly recommend against taking any "legal advice" from a LEO. Unless the said LEO is also an attorney, you may get "bad" advice.

Know the law and stay safe.


This is a good point, considering that the FDIC only covers individual account holders. The bank itself can lose up to thousands before they are able to file a Federal claim. On the flipside a CCer who engages prematurely could end up being held accountable for property damage or loss of life if things go badly. Thwarting a bank robbery is another one of those issues that is heavily circumstantial. Here in SC, as with most other states, CCers can only engage if a serious violent crime against yourself or another bystander is immanent. As CCers, we do not have the authority to stop people who steal in public. I think GlockFan has it right, know your local/federal laws and have a very good attorney that you trust.

my bank has 2 walk thru one and it locks behind you and you go through a metal detector . if it detects a large metal object the inner door locks trapping you in. then you gotta empty your pockets to gain entry. they said they used to get robbed until they put in the security doors.
I guess I got my States mixed up .. I thought this whole time that Banks were off limits in SC... as I re-read the laws... Banks are ok to cary into.

correct me if I am wrong.
Okay, I know someone posted the info from SC SLED the requirements for a No Concealed Weapons Allowed sign. Well, here is one I found at a "local" bank....based on what I see & then what I read from SLED, this is NOT legal correct??
View attachment 278

I would not take pictures of any part of a bank, if someone sees you they might get suspicious. Just a thought...
I went into a branch bank that I've used for years today and noticed they had a small notice on the door saying that Concealed Weapons are not allow. I walked right on in and did my business and didn't have a worry in the world about being armed. The reason I didn't notice it before is because I only look for the authorized sign. When I go to the mall in Spartanburg SC I know they have the proper sign at the main entrance so I usually go through Belk or Sears where there are no signs. If it's not correct then it's not legal.

I can't believe we're having a discussion about whether or whether not the sign is legal.

I've had CCW permits in 3 states, and I believe each and every time it was specifically pointed out that the permit DID NOT allow you to carry inside of a bank. Have I just had the dumb luck to find the only 3 states, or are other members aware of this as well?

I'm going to go do some research now ----
Banks are not federal property they are private property. Unless the three states you have permits for states that you can't carry in a bank then you should be able to carry there. I know that some states don't allow CC in a bank.
Yep, perfectly legal in S.C. to carry concealed in a bank unless it is properly posted.

As mentioned above... EVERY STATE... has different laws... that is one of the good and bad things about our Republic... the federal government is actually limited in what it can control.
Improper sign or not, I wouldn't want to be the one the cops are looking at after a "man in the bank with a gun" call.:cool:
My instructor for the CW class explained that if you are in a bank and a person comes in with a gun to rob it that doesn't give you the right to shoot him, even if that person fires up into the ceiling you might not have the right to do a thing, with your concealed weapon... only when you can prove you were in fear of your life as well as others can you proceed. Keep in mind a number of those others are going to be bank employees who will probably be coached by the banks lawyers before they are allowed to testify down the road.

Ain't nothing simple these days. Reminds me of one of the hidden stories from my home county....Edgefield. Strom Thurmond's father was the counties 'district' attorney... one day a man confronted him on the court house steps and they had words... Mr. Thurmond won the argument.... he pulled out a pistol and shot and killed him. I think there was a trial and he was found not guilty because he proved that he was in fear of his life.
Relax German....I know the people at this bank and had my camera phone ready as I walked up. If it were a bank I was not familiar with or did not know anyone there, I would not have taken the picture. It took all of 3 seconds.
So all this discussion then begs this question....the sign may be non complient, illegal, whatever term you want to use, its wrong.

What do you guys think about the good 'ole "intent" of the sign even though its non complient??
Intentions are not laws. BGs get released daily because of the specific wording in a law, even though what they did was a violation of the law's intent.
So all this discussion then begs this question....the sign may be non compliant, illegal, whatever term you want to use, its wrong.

What do you guys think about the good 'ole "intent" of the sign even though its non complient??
The intent was to make the law clear and concise. When SC first started issuing permits everyone thought that there would be shootouts everyday. People put all kinds of signs in windows and doors to stop people from carrying which defeated the purpose for CC. The law was changed to remedy the problem, in which the word MUST was applied to the standards for signs. So actually the intent is not for stopping CC but to allow CC under the law. If someone were to be arrested for CC in an area that has a bogus sign I'd be willing to bet that the AG would step in and have the charges dropped.
Obviously the intent is that the business does not want folks carrying in thier business.... at least on the face of it. I suspect that the employees don't really think about it or care and realize that crooks aren't going to pay any attention to the sign... I suspect that what it is really about with banks is lawyers trying to cover the assets of the bank.... for when some low life scum sucking evil doer comes in and you shoot him and either he or you get off a 'bad' shot and hit someone else.

The best defense for when confronted with you are in the wrong (carrying in here) is to plead stupid. As I mentioned before, say you didn't see the sign... doesn't matter if it was right in your face as you walked in the door... still say you didn't see it. Don't argue the law with the employees or an LEO... just plead stupidity... this is not what most 'true idiots' will do, they will always try and reason or talk their way out of things.... but no body can debate stupid.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see the sign, I'll leave" is all you got to do.... then leave.

If you for some weird reason are arrested, that's when the proper posting and signage comes in. 99% of the time you got it beat. Also, like I said, check the back door, emergency exit... it has to be posted too.
Are you allowed to carry as a cwp holder into a bank with or with out a sign? My understanding was no banks? could someone please advise. Thanks!
Banks are Private property. You can carry there as long as it doesn't have a sign or doesn't have a legal sign. So far I haven't seen a bank with the proper sign in my area and most don't have signs anyway.
unless your "contract" with the bank says you agree not to.....the sign has to be legal.

fear the best voluntary law...

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