Is carrying dangerous?

id much rather die free and armed, than unarmed and at the mercy of some moron trying to thrive off of another mans accomplishments.

also, its these same morons that plauge this nations judicial system and make it harder for the law abiding American to own firearms.

dont know where i was going with that but oh well. :biggrin:
lots of good valid points here.

1) I'm approached by 2 or more BG with guns pointed at me. I don't dare draw because they have the drop on me. While patting me down for my wallet, they discover my gun and take it. At best, I've lost the gun, at worst they shoot me with it. Not having the gun, I've lost my wallet, but the odds are they won't kill me (at least in my area of the country).
Certainly anything is possible, but I can honestly say I have NEVER heard of it happening, even once, that a private citizen carrying concealed was approached and disarmed by a would be assailant. Not to say it has not happened, if only once, just that it's an extremely unlikely scenario compared to the hundreds of thousands of violent crimes that occur Link Removed.

2) A home invasion scenario: one or more BG's break in. They have drawn handguns. I manage to get two shots from my 38 special +P into the torso of each (optimistically). They manage to shoot me before they fall (BG'S don't fall as fast as they do in the movies). If I didn't have a gun, they probably would ransack the house, but leave us alone.
If someone intentionally enters a home where there are occupants, then they likely have something more nefarious in mind that simply ransacking the house. If they unintentionally enter a home where there are occupants, then it's likely the mere presence of a gun, certainly after that first shot is fired, will drive them away.
Itsmee, your concerns aren't groundless. The problem is that you visualize yourself as a victim. Learn to develop and practice the warrior's mindset.

You should not be standing where two BG's can walk up and get the drop on you because you should have Link Removed.

Your remote security system should have picked up the BG's long before they broke into your home - giving you plenty of time to greet them with your Link Removed. Link Removed


Yup... well written. Don't wear the victim hat...

The best weapon you can have is the will to survive and the intellect to make it happen.

The gun is but a tool. The gun is not a magic talisman or shield from evil. It could be a knife or bat if need be… It’s all in the mind.
Good training is invaluable. I'm looking at my schedule for more this year..

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