Is 10mm worth the extra cost?

I am a big fan of .45s, but I've heard 10mm is the best big round there is. Any thoughts on owners of a 10mm pistol?


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I own a Kimber 10mm, powerful gun. IMHO, any gun would probably do the job. I load with Buffalo Bore (180 gr. / 1350 fps). Carry what you feel or in the mood for. .45 or 10 mm?? Not much of a difference when shooting a bad guy.


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I have never shot a 10mm, nor do I personally know anyone who has. But I will say that I carry a .45 either open or concealed. The .45 ACP was designed for stopping power, which is why the caliber was used by the U.S. military in the World Wars and is still used. The Colt 1911 and the Thompson small machine gun were guns design for close quarters combat and used a round designed for close encounter "knock-down" capabilities. From my understanding and limited (very limited) exposure to it, the 10mm round was designed to mimic the stopping power of the .45 ACP while increasing range and accuracy. In my opinion, the 10mm round is unnecessary for civilian personal protection. If ever required to use a gun for personal protection, rarely would a person need the extra distance and accuracy potentially provided by the 10mm round. The 10mm round is also noted for having considerably more recoil than the .45 ACP (another attribute unnecessary for close quarters combat).

Forgive my long-winded response. I hope this help, but if nothing else perhaps provided an interesting read.

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I have both, and carry both. I can also compare side by side since they are essentially the same pistol. The 10mm is a Glock 20SF, and the .45 is a Glock 21SF. I purchased the 21SF as a self defense pistol that I carry concealed in cooler weather, and also keep in the car with me. It replaced a variety of 9mm, 40S&W, and .357 Magnum pistols that I had been carrying previously. I had started carrying the CZ-75 based EAA Witness in .45acp, but that sucker was heavy for the 10 rounds that it carried. The Glock 21SF gave me 13 rounds of .45acp in a package that was not quite as heavy. The SF (short frame) made all the difference for me since I have avoided Glocks for years due to the poor ergonomics of the pistol, particularly if you have shot anything else for a period of time. The SF pistols fit my hands quite well, which opened the Glock up for me as an option.

Later, I purchased the Glock 20SF in 10mm for field use. I have been interested in the 10mm since it came out, but have avoided purchasing one since my first experience with a 10mm was having pieces of one fly right in front of my face. These originated from a Colt Delta Elite that a gentleman was shooting on the lane next to me. In the years since then, nearly all of the 10mm pistols that I looked at were beefed up .45's. The Glock was the first purpose built 10mm that I had handled, and since it too came in the SF variant, I purchased it. This pistol replaced the .357 Magnums that I carried when out in the field.

I ended up having to modify the 20SF to fit my needs. It now has a Lone Wolf barrel and 20# Wolff spring and guide rod. The block is also pinned in place with Titanium pins. The only thing missing are the night sights that my 21SF came equipped with. I do not carry the 10mm much for self defense, preferring the .45 for that purpose. I have some 150 grain JHP loads for the 10mm that should stop anything human on the planet, but the muzzel blast and recoil of these full house loads is quite severe. The 180gr FMJ loads that I carry in the field are still pretty stiff, but they do not recoil as violently as the lighter, faster loads. Having both pistols, the one that I use for CCW is the 21SF .45acp, or its smaller brother, the Glock 30SF. While the .45acp is not as powerful as the 10mm, it is a lower pressure cartridge, it is easier to find in factory configurations, has a wider selection of good self defense loadings, and is easier to get on target for subsequent shots. All these are important to me when carrying a self defense pistol. Make no mistake, I love my 10mm and believe that it would more than adequately protect me from anything living, man or beast, that walks on the land of North America. However, I find the .45 to be more practical as a day to day carry weapon, particularly if you intend to train with it (200 - 600 rounds per course) and practice with it. A bonus, as far as the Glock 21SF is concerned, is that you have a 10mm pistol that was de-rated to .45acp. Firing 20,000 cup loads in a pistol designed for continuous use of 40,000 cup loads should allow the pistol to last far longer than I will be around to shoot it. So far, it is off to a good start.


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If you get a S&W 610 revolver, you can shoot either 10mm or 40S&W with moon clips. Would be a great set up for pin shooting and IDPA.

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