Iraq Withdrawal Deadline Set

We leave, Iran moves in, gets the oil, sells it to Russia, something that could bring down the EU, and hit the U.S. way-hard. We stay we will grind our military down & bankrupt ourselves for checking Al-Q there not on our borders. It is a horrible no good way out game of chess that could have been avoided had we turned Kabul and ObL into fissile glass on 13 Sept 2001, but we had to do it the conventional way, and atypical terror tactics always win out on 'fair-playing' the very serious business of waging asymmetric war. A lesson we learnt, then forgot about Vietnam.Canis-Lupus

Canis I have to agree with you. We're between a rock and a hard spot on Iraq. Pull out to early and another dictator ends up in control. Stay to long and we start spending for nothing. We should have completed the job in Afghanistan before going into Iraq. Sadam was contained at the time and wasn't presenting a real danger.

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