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Hey Guys,

We have alot of people on this site that take action and email our State Senators and representatives about issues regarding our 2A rights. I am curious to see what we have done here from PRMA to do our part. As many of you know, this year GOAL is trying to pass a bill (Bill number H2259) which will re-write the laws here in PRMA pertaining to firearms. I am doing everything I can here (emailing and writing letters to politicians, talking to antis that are willing to learn about shooting as well as taking them to the range, and voting). I want to start getting involved with GOAL and the NRA for volunteer work to support our cause. I will also be attending the march next year in DC for our rights. I am just curious to see what you guys have done here in MA as well. This is not a thread to bash those who have not done anything, that is your choice and I have the upmost respect for people’s opinions and the choices that they make (I am not trying to force anyone to do anything); I just wanna see what we have done as a whole.



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I don't live in MA and never would with the current political climate. However, I do applaud your efforts and hope some day the laws will be changed in PRMA. Keep up the good fight!!


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Thank you very much. I hope we as a whole can change things here. We need to press hard for our rights here. PRNH is starting to look good :)

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