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OK here is the deal...

1. Assault rifles at somepoint will be facing another ban and the ones that are out there will be the ones available period.

2. Assault rifle prices will skyrocket.

3. Would it be worth ones while to sell his/her assault rifle when the prices go through the roof and aquire 3 to 4 really good bolt action rifles and outfit the entire family/team with similar rifles that are capable of scoring hits at 600+ yards (closer to 1000 with the right ammo)?

It really depends on your priorities and what it's worth to you. However, thinking along these lines, if finances permit, it would probably be a good move to get a couple of extra assault rifles to move later.

I'm HOPING that I'll still be able to acquire bolt action rifles in the future.
If over 20 years ago we would have been able to see covertly passed Hughes Amendment to the FOPA, we would have seen the same demand for machine guns back then as we were seeing for firearms that fit the description of the AWB now. I don't recall a mad rush to buy machine guns while Reagan was in office. Granted I was under 21 during that time and wasn't looking.

From an investment standpoint, I would say buy as many as you can at a reasonable price or comparable pre-election price. However, if the Dems cannot get a permanent AWB passed, you will not see the steady appreciation as you do with machine guns. It will peak out then go back down probably midway during the ban cycle. You will have a shelf life of your investment. Once the ban expires, it will be at or below pre-election prices and essentially a "junk" bond type of investment. Demand will be high, but there will be no sense of urgency as there is now especially if an AWB renewal fails like it did recently. People will stock up after the sunset on formerly banned firearms and parts. First thing I bought for my Marlin Camp 9 carbine was a folding stock from Choate after the 1994 AWB expired.

I am hoping that we will see a fluctuation in demand and prices will go back down so we all can buy low. More legal guns in circulation is better for all of us. I won't buy any AR lowers until I can get them for about $100 each or better. I will not buy any additional AR or AK variants unless I can get them below MSRP. Right now we're seeing ARs going at least 33% above MSRP now and those are from the dealers that are working to give their customers the best deal possible.

We also know that a major election point for the Republicans will be gun control. The AWB is one of the reasons Congress went Republican. From what I have read, the economy is the reason Obama and the Dems are in control now. People being out of work and not receiving a steady paycheck was a major driving force this last election.

Fortunately with the advancements of technology, we're much more aware of what Congress is doing now then back in the mid 80s when the FOPA was passed with the poison Hughes Amendment.

My best advice is be objective and work around your budget. We're in an unpredictable political climate right now. We know Obama & Co's agenda. I don't believe Obama & Co is totally unaware that if a radical gun control agenda starts on January 20, 2009 while trying to fix the economy, Congress will go red Republican in 2010. The only way Obama & Co can keep in control of Congress is to fix the economy quick. If we see the same ol' same ol' out of Congress it will be felt in 2010 at the ballot box.

Buy what you can reasonably afford after doing your due diligence.
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