Introducing wife to shooting.


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Looking for some female input on a few options for a conceal carry firearm for my wife. Looking towards Springfield XDS 9MM or Ruger LCP or LC9. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


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Loved the XDS, though if I had gotten it I would have needed to change the grip.. the backstrap was imprinting in my hand after 30 rounds. Ow. Wound up with the Shield, though, as I was in the market in the middle of the recall. I love that too... carry safety off no issues. Great little gun. Haven't tried the Rugers, so no idea there. Kahr PM9 wasn't bad, just didn't stick out like the Shield or the XDS. Not a fan of Glocks... they don't fit my hand and I'm not as accurate. Good guns, though.

Most importantly... Let her try them out as rentals and choose her own! :wink: Especially the sub-compact and pocket sizes... they are harder to get used to.

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I agree your wife will want to go to a range and rent different ones to test them out. Even if they don't have the exact one she might want to get. At least determine if she likes the feel of a 22 vs 9 mm or 45 and so on. I have some friends that do not like to shoot my 9 mm and prefer the 22 because they don't like the kickback. She will also need to decide if she wants the external safety or not. I would say most handguns do not have an external safety. So that will narrow it down. She will also need to decide if she would like a revolver or a pistol. If its for conceal I find a revolver to be a tad bit bulkier which might be fine for a guy but as a woman who doesn't want to wear bulky clothes and some states imprinting is against the law so that extra bit can make a difference.

When I bought my handgun I went in thinking I would get the Nano but came out with the LC9. I decided I wanted that external safety since it was my first handgun. My LC9 is also purple. Some people don't think you should have any colors on your CC gun but I say it is concealed what does it matter what color it is. If I am at a point where i have to use it the intruder or attacker isn't going to go oh I love your purple gun. Also I don't have children that would think the gun is a toy and even if I did. The child would be raised with knowing about guns and how to handle them and there would never be a chance for them to play with it because it would be either on me or locked up.

I love what I chose but again it was perfect for me. It might not be perfect for her. If you have friends that have guns then ask if you can go to the range together to try theirs out.

I want to point this out for if others are reading. Never assume a gun is ever to big for a girl to handle. Now in some cases a girl may say it is just to much gun for me. But never assume. This is coming from personal experience and a man not wanting to sell me one because he thought i couldn't handle it cause I am a girl. He lost a sale that day.

Anyway here are some great Sites and Facebook pages that your wife might want to check out and the TWAW link has great holsters for conceal and carry specifically for woman. Also if you have any questions on their holsters they are very prompt in replying back and will answer any questions you have. They have great advise. Tell your wife good luck in her purchase.
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I was going to post with a similar topic. I bought my wife a Kal-Tec PF9, which is a very compact and lightweight gun, but it is hard for her to cock.
I am also looking for suggestions on what the majority of women prefer. I'm thinking maybe a Taurus 38 revolver... any suggestions would help. Thanks!


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Take her to the range and rent some and let her pick what feels good for her is a good place to start good luck


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I've never tried the semiautomatics you mentioned, but I love my ruger lcr. It's double action so it's super easy to use (assuming your wife has such basic rules as pointing in safe directions and finger out of the trigger guard down, which I would say is a must with any weapon anyway). It weighs less than a pound. I have the .357. That starts to sting after awhile just because I have tendonitis in my hands, but it also takes 38+p which I could shoot all day no problem (and they do also make it in a 38 only version). I've considered looking into either the xdsc or lc9 next time, but I've yet to try either.

Definitely take her somewhere she can try it out. If she's not comfortable with it, she won't want to practice or carry.

Mine was a gift from an over protective father who didn't like his daughter and granddaughter all alone without protection. His major consideration was ease of use under pressure which is why he opted for the double action revolver. Drawback to that is that speed loaders are harder to carry than spare magazines. Other considerations would be size both for concealability and having hands large enough to reach everything comfortably. Weight as well. If I shoot a full size Beretta for example, my arms get tired very quickly and I have to use my second hand to reach anything besides the trigger (magazine release, safety, slide release). And caliber, but that goes both ways. You don't want something too big to handle, but I've seen people who could hit better with a 9 than they could with a 22.

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