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His role: The firearms instructor for Insight Firearms Training and Development teaches concealed-carry permit classes.

1. How long have you been teaching [concealed-carry permit classes] and how did you get into this?

I've been in law enforcement since 1987 and have been teaching firearms since 1993. When the law passed in 2004, the [Ohio] Attorney General's Office sent me a letter since I was a certified law-enforcement instructor I was able to teach the concealed-carry classes.

2. What do students learn?

The first and foremost thing is safety. Safety is the No. 1 responsibility when owning a firearm. They learn the law portion, how to protect themselves both criminally and civilly, marksmanship skills, state of mind, range safety rules, home safety rules.

3. Why is the class 12 hours long?

That is state law. There's no way around it.

4. Has the class grown in popularity since you started and in recent months?

Normally our class size is 10 students per month. It has grown now. I'm having 70 people wanting to get into this Saturday's class. We could only take 40, so I'm having class on Sunday with an additional 30.

5. What kinds of people take your class?

I see all walks of life. I train people from the guy that delivers your newspaper to the heart surgeon that operates on you. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers. I even got a judge coming tomorrow. Not only do we train civilians from Allen, Auglaize and surrounding counties, but I've had people come from Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati to take one of our classes.

6. How often are your classes held?

We offer classes twice a month.

7. What do you want your students to take from the class?

With Insight, they get the ability and the confidence to be able to protect themselves and their loved ones.

8. Why is one of the key points to try to ever avoid using your gun, since people are taking this class to carry a gun?

Any confrontation that you avoid, you win. If you can avoid a confrontation, if you pay attention to your surroundings and you can get out of a situation without having to use deadly force, that is your best resort.

9. Do you have to be a good shot to pass the course, and what does the shooting test consist of?

We shoot one-handed and two-handed at 7 feet, 14 feet and 21 feet. You must keep eight out of 10 rounds in a nine-inch circle from each one of those distances.

11. Where can't people carry a gun concealed once they have their licenses?

They are not allowed to carry in Class D [alcohol] permits, courthouses, anywhere it's posted, police stations, federal buildings. They are not allowed to carry in a school zone to drop off and pick up children.

Source: Limaohio

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