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Last week I was in PA/NJ visiting friends and family. On Saturday night I had dinner with a couple of lifelong friends, one of whom is a liberal democrat and a highly placed insider whithin the dem. party in the Northeast (his business is politics - campaigns, polling, etc.). Also joining us was a PA state senator (also a dem) whom I've known casually for almost 20yrs through my friend.

Anyway, I asked my friend what his party's feeling were on gun control. His answer, without hesitation, was "It's dead". He went on to say that while there are a few high profile dems that still preach it, everyone knows there's nowhere near enough support for it on a national level. The senator added that he thought neighboring NJ's restrictive gun laws were outrageous. He said that it would be a cold day in hell before PA turned to laws like that, adding that outside of Philly and maybe a couple of other cities there's very little support for the draconian laws of Pelosi, et. al., regardless of party affiliation. (Note: When I say "gun control" I mean we were speaking of highly restrictive laws similar to those in NJ, IL, NYC. We weren't talking about the need to get a permit to CC, background checks, etc.)

It's nice to know that there are those on the "other side" with similar views to many of us over here, although I'll never trust them completely :biggrin:


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B2Tall As I read the first few words of your last line I was gong to say Do not trust them! I see I didn't have to. You have the right perspective on THEM!

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Yes, you both have the right attitude. Quite a while back my husband was a Democrat too but for the right reason. Now he is a conservative Republican, almost Independent. I think common sense prevails when our rights are being taken matter what political affiliation you have...


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Of coarse we can trust him...His boss is the most honest guy I have ever seen, They would never say one thing and mean the complete opposite! Would they?
There are plenty of us on "The Left" who see the second amendment as just as important as the rest. Yes, if you speak to someone who is anti-gun, they will be more likely to be Democrat than Republican, but if you speak to a Democrat, you probably have even odds of getting someone anti-gun as pro-gun. (And quite a lot of "I don't care one way or the other," too.)

I've said it before, I'll say it again: As far as gun rights are concerned "The Democratic Party" is not your enemy. Some individual Democrats may be, but then they're just as much my "enemy" on gun rights as they are yours. The best solution is to make sure that you ENCOURAGE pro-gun-rights Democrats in areas that are heavily Democratic. For example, here in Oregon, there are two of five House districts that are guaranteed Democrat. One of the two Representatives is a co-sponsor of HR 822. Two more districts are "leans Democratic," and wouldn't you know it, one of THOSE is a co-sponsor as well. (The other just resigned, and didn't do much all year, so he doesn't surprise me.) Then, the there is the one safely-Republican district. He is a co-sponsor as well. (He is also the only member of the Oregon delegation to vote for re-authorization of the PATRIOT act.)


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Then, the there is the one safely-Republican district. He is a co-sponsor as well. (He is also the only member of the Oregon delegation to vote for re-authorization of the PATRIOT act.)

I refer to the PATRIOT Act as the "Dell Wilkes Act." Dell Wilkes is the former USC Gamecocks cocaine user and colegiate football player who become the profesional wrestler known as "The Patriot". His career was ended when he went to prison on drug charges. While in jail he found religion and his true calling as a used car salesman.

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