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Just wondering how many of you have ever been told via email that you were the "winner" of an Internet lottery. I receive several of these notifications daily. One thing I notice that all these scams have in common is that they never address you by name (because they don't know your name; that right there should raise a red flag!) and that they are almost always sent from a foreign country.

Another scam I have seen regularly is one in which a foreigner (usually from Nigeria) pleads for help in getting a large sum of money transferred from a foreign source to the United States with the promise of sharing a portion of the funds upon successful completion of the transaction.

I know that all of these are scams and have indeed read stories about people being bilked out of hundreds, and in some cases, thousands, of dollars. With the help of a website called, a site that helps people turn the tables on these scamsters, I decided to respond to a couple of these once (with no intention of ever actually sending out any money) and was successful in sending out a copy of a fake Western Union form; when the guy was not able to pick up the money, he was livid, but, due to the fact that all the information I gave him about myself was completely false (I told him that my bank was Plunder & Flee, Inc), he couldn't do a darn thing!

Do any of you have any stories or experiences dealing with these scam artists?

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I have received several of these scam attempts, via computer or telephone. I don't get involved with them in any way, except to report them to the Attorney Generals office in Jefferson City, Mo.

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