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I found the following while perusing the web:

Apple Rumor Site to Shut Down in Settlement

What struck me about the column was this:
Apple lost the two other suits on appeal after a higher court ruled that the Web site operators were journalists and entitled to First Amendment protections. The court forced Apple to pay $700,000 in legal fees to the sites.

Mr. Ciarelli said his agreement with Apple constituted a clear statement about the rights of online journalists: “Speaking more broadly, I think online journalists can feel confident that they can assert their First Amendment rights, even when they run up against large corporations.”

[emphasis added]

Please, Please, PLEASE . . . tell me I'm reading this incorrectly!
Tell me these so-called "Americans" aren't FREAKING S U G G E S T I N G that you have to be a "Journalist" in order to freely express your First Amendment Rights!!

What the hell are we coming to?

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Maybe we will soon need a "concealed carry pen" permit, including finger prints, background check, fee and mug shot! Or licensed and registered key boards. The possibilities are endless. Just ask John McCain & his buddy Feingold.:mad:

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