Instructor response to petition supporting 2A (bad)

This letter has been edited to remove some things he said about my e-mail signature..(business type stuff)

I'm sorry to say but the instructors that I know will not get involved in signing any type of petitions, Especially me! If you want people to back you up, CONTACT the NRA.

I don't speak for other people, but I won't sign or forward your Petition to any of my friends.

Don't take this personally! I'm all for every state having the Concealed Carry Permits. And if you don't mind can you tell me why your sending out a petition for NJ?

I think we all should be lobbying for NM! were doing pretty good now but you never know what's coming down the pipe. I'm from Chicago, Illinois (OBAMA'S STATE) which takes an act of congress just to buy Ammo.

and I won't get involved in their gun laws, unless I move back there. Sorry I got on my soap box, but it really hit a nerve when I saw your signature at the end of your e-mail. I'll stop now before I get carried away.

Let's worry about NM, and getting everyone Certified to Carry Concealed before that's taken away from us! I feel that if you already have a permit you might be grandfathered in and will be able to keep our permits.

my response

Mr. ______
I'm sending a nj petition because I care about everyones gun rights not just those that pertain to me. Thanks for your opininon but everyone else I sent this to signed it.

To get on my own soap box I will not patronize anyone especially an instructor who does not fully support the 2nd amendment.

Have a nice day
Well said, ClearSight.

I appreciate your concern for your fellow American's rights, regardless of his or her state of residence. Besides, I drive through NJ fairly often.
Thanks for the responses. I couldn't beleive it when he sent me that E-mail...was a pretty big let down from a "certified instructor". Can any instructors weigh in that might agree with not signing a petition? I mean if you don't want to sign something fine- but why start a rant about not signing something because it doesn't effect your state of residence?
The guy could simply be an a**. He might get a lot of unsolicited requests, and he doesn't know how to properly respond. I get a bunch of unsolicited email as an NRA Certified Instructor. I respond appropriatly, not going off on a rant like this guy did. If I don't want to help a requestor, I politely let them know that I have a policy of not getting involved with certain issues, and the one they're talking about is one of them.

I believe that everyone has a right to free speech. You have the right to request information or assistance, and the person you are soliciting has the right to assist or not assist.

The ship of state is a huge beast and takes a long, long time to respond to any change in direction. Just like any ship, the rougher the water, the longer the change takes. In the legislative world there are times that when things are oh so slowly going your way you want to keep the waters as calm as possible.

I do not know the legislative situation that is the topic, but it is possible that he simply does not want to rock the boat.
I'll go with the post that said he was an a**. We either hang and fight together or we lose this battle and maybe this country. What's it take to sign a petition? I'll concede, as GF states, that maybe he gets far too much correspondence to answer or sign every one but, IMHO, he can stick his rant up his a## (the time he took to rant, he could've signed or forwarded the petition).

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