Info on a llama minimax .45 caliber


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Hello I have a llama minimax traded a rossi snub nose for it to my grandpa. And I was worried about it but then took it out and shot a few dozen rounds and it put my worries to rest. But I want to hear what some of you think. I want to know what parts I can change on it I have been wanting to change my beavertail and cant really find anything. I know llama isnt around anymore and that some love to say its not a true 1911 cause how hard it is to find parts that can be put on them.


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My experience with Llama firearms has been, shall we say less than stellar. Of the four that I’ve owned (none was a Mini max although one is a micro max) I have experienced major mechanical defects in two of them, including one catastrophic failure in which the gun literally fell apart while I was firing it. The two that didn’t give me fits (or blow up in my hand) were, in my opinion, of poor quality and cheaply made. I found parts and extra magazines difficult to come by and very costly. I wouldn’t purchase a Llama at any price. And I wouldn't trust my life to one unless I had absolutely no other option (think pointy stick) as always YMMV


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I have a llama III mini 1911 in .380 I love it.
the thing with llamas are that they are a hit or miss. You will either love it or hate it.
I have found that the ones made in Spain before the move to south America are better.
As for parts gun parts corp have TONS of parts for them. I just bought a new mag catch for mine.
with the minimax some.commander 1911 parts fit others don't. I would check your parts to the ones you want to change to just make sure they look close.


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Btw. I have out about 500 rounds through mine and it is dead accurate up to about 10 yards.


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Yeah ive heard about them being a hit or a miss. So far mine seems to be good only one F.T.E and thats when I let my friend shoot a half mag through it. I believe he wasnt holding it as he should have which caused the jam. Cause after I shot two mags through it perfect.


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I can't speak for the Mini-Max, but I bought my first handgun at 21 and it was a Llama IX-A. Beauty of a weapon and I had it for 21 years - just sold it last Fall.

In 21 years and lots (LOTS) of firing, I never had a single problem. Take good care of it (cleaning, etc.) and you should have a keeper.

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