Info on .30 Carbine


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I just picked one of these up in great shape made by universal..
Anyone have any experience with them?
Anything to look out for, modify, must haves, etc?

Anybody know an approx. value in very good condition?

Thanx in advance.

Are you talking about an M1 carbine?
If so, don't do anything to modify it if it's in very good condition. Any changes could lower the value if it's got historic value.
There are plenty of non-historic ones out there too, so it could be worth anything from a few hundred to a couple of thousand.
Yes M1.. Not sure how old it is other than earlier than mid 60's..

It looks like Universal is defunked now, but here is a website with info about the carbines they manufactured.

I have seen manuals from the 50's on sale.. I wonder if there are download files for it out there somewhere??

Thanx for the response.
if you are interested in the manual go to page7b then scroll down to to the "U's and click on the link for
Universal. It looks like it came right out of the box, please dont abuse the privilege of using the site. Enjoy
I did see this.. and thanx for looking out for me..
However, the manual is of a newer version of my rifle - mine is pre-scope mount. I actually did find the manual for mine on a different site.. Universal made several modifications to their M1's over the years they were in business, especially to the receiver / bolt.. So the older manual is actually better for me..

I'll be going out to the Florida Picnic on Saturday and shooting it for the 1st time..

I just purchased a bunch of ammo for the rifle and I'd actually like to sell a couple hundred rounds..
PM me if you are interested...
These things actually make great trot line weights. :sarcastic: I'll pm you my address so it can be disposed of properly. Seriously,great find. Wish I could luck up on one.
had a m-1 carbine in the early'70's but it wasn't by universal tho, lot's of fun, mine had 30rd clips, not great with fmj. but with hollow points had enough knock down for coyotes out to about 100yds.:pleasantry:

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