Indiana Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

Any Company or Private land owner has the right to forbid anyone to carry regardless to having a legal permit.

While that is true, such prohibition does NOT carry the force of law, (in Indiana) and as already posted, can result in simply being asked to leave, or a trespass charge if after being asked to leave, you do not.

round in chamber....

Hey, I was wondering the exact same thig for may years now. I have beeen carrying for almost 20 years, and just thinking about safety... I have never carried on in the chamber, but for the last year I have asked myself one question, will I have time to rack one in? well think about this one now, if you were carrying a revolver.... isn't there one in the "chamber already?" or are you gonna ask them to wait justa min, so I can get ready...haha. Do the police not carry one racked too? If anybody does know the real answer(I have searched myself but find no suck ruling), please post it so that we know. As for now, I am not going to be a statistic and will conder my pistola a revolver. One in the chamber because when you need it, it's ready, but if not good deal no worry. Just like the saying goes.... better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. So one in the pipe is what i do now.
Any Company or Private land owner has the right to forbid anyone to carry regardless to having a legal permit.
Not true anymore, under certain tightly defined circumstances.

If you are carrying on your employer's property which is set aside for the parking of employee vehicles, and you leave your sidearm in your vehicle while on company property.

Under these circumstances, under Indiana law, any company which institutes a new anti-weapon policy which can be read to forbid the above scenario, or to enforce a preexisting policy on an incident of the above scenario, has committed a crime. If the employer discharges, fires, declines to promote, or makes any employment related decision of any kind because of the above scenario has handed the employee a cause for legal action... and a big pay day, no doubt.

A couple of other caveats... This does not apply if the employer is a primary or secondary school or is one of a short list of state universities, or is a child care facility, private security facility, penal facility, etc.

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Reciprocity with other states

I open carried on a trip through Indiana on a non-resident Utah & Pa LTC recently. If anyone noticed I wasn't aware of it. Didn't encounter any LEOs so I don't know if any would have frowned. I was legal so what if it doesn't give them a smilie face. LEOs should enforce laws as the are not as they'd like the laws to be.

Just a word of advice. Before traveling to another state, always go that state's web site a look at their non-resident carry laws. Not all states have reciprocity agreements. For example, I did building contracting in New Orleans right after Katrina for nine months. I went to Louisiana's web site and found that they had a reciprocity agreement with Indiana. Also, and I feel that this is important and it saves a lot of time and aggravation, I had Louisiana send me a letter with their State Seal and Stamp on it explaining this reciprocity agreement. I carried it with me with my Indiana carry permit. I'm glad I did! Reason is, don't expect every LEO to know what state his state has agreements with. That's what the "official" letter is for. I found that a lot of LEOs, note I didn't say most, in New Orleans were complete dumb butts! The letter saved me a lot of time and grief. Most of the time I carried concealed. However, to make a point that I was armed in certain neighborhoods, I carried openly my weapon on my hip. That's when I attracted the curiosity of some of the local LEOs. I hope this advice helps.

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