Indiana License To Carry Handgun


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make it a parade!

Pretty good experience. We're close to the Indy area, so carrying openly is sure to grab more attention than what you did. Still planning that one with a small group...

Hey Nate,
I work in the Indianapolis area. Feel free to post time/date. Maybe we can get a crowd!


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OIF veteran here with mild PTSD. Was initially denied but successfully appealed and now have a lifetime Indiana CL. Was told by the approving ISP officer that the hearing was a formality because they wanted to meet me in person to judge my character and things went smoothly, albeit about 7 months went by from initial application to approved license


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In the Columbus area I've not had too many issues with open carry, except for Wal-Mart (Ugh) -- and nobody seems to be able to get a straight answer as to what corporate policy is beyond "Concealed Only".

One of the employees at Target expressed some concern, so I got in touch with corporate and Target's policies are to uphold the state laws, so officially OC is good there. Anywhere else and I've had no problems except for a few eyebrows meeting up with their respective hairlines.

I'm just glad Indiana gives you the option.

I also live in Columbus. I'm waiting for my LTCH to come in. I plan on concealing most of the time, but I definitely want to OC some as well. I have talked to LEO's in town and most of the time they don't say anything if they see someone OCing.


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In my opinion, if your going to Open Carry, you should have it in an OWB holster, and not a IWB. Even if you semi-conceal like I am. By it being in a leather OWB Holster such as a paddle or slide, people are less likely to get anxious, whereas if it is in a IWB holster, it appears as if your trying to hide an illegal gun.

The fact that I wear my shirt or jacket over it keeps it hidden usually, but in the occasions that the shirt rides up, I don't think most people are as likely to get as concerned because why would it be on the belt like that if the person couldn't wear it?

Of course I've only been carrying like this for the past month... I'll have to get back to you after I've been carrying longer...

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