Indiana Gun Owner Finds Burglar in home


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What is the outcome?

Watch the video. He's on Fox & Friends telling the story. Basically, he goes in and clears the house and finds the guy in the bedroom with some of his stuff in his hands. His weapon was drawn when he entered the house. When he saw the guy, he activated the flashlight and laser on the gun and commanded the guy onto the ground. He called the police and the guy was arrested.

He makes a comment that he is originally from IL and if this happened there he would have been helpless because they wont recognize our right to bear arms.


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That's great! I'm so glad that this Man carries himself so well and so respectfully. He is a great representation of the Men and Women of our armed forces as well as those of us that exercise our right to own and carry our firearm. Thanks for posting this.


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Outstanding! Guy is an outstanding citizen. Carries himself well and is well spoken.

Nice job of hammering Illinios again!

Grognard Gunny

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Perp will get six months (at taxpayer expense) on a plea bargain deal and will be back plying his trade most ricky tick.

Ya gotta love it! A break from the tedious effort of "making a living" and getting in on all the latest criminal training techniques, not to mention making some "solid" business contacts! Hell, he might even upgrade his profession from burgler to home invader! :sarcastic:


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