Indiana Expungement, LTCH, FBI fickleness


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Is anyone else experiencing trouble receiving a LTCH after expungement lately? I filed for mine in August after expungement of a drug dealing felony and am being told by ISP that my permit application is in the expungement hold file. Apparently there has been a change of leadership and change of heart at the FBI. They are, once again, claiming that Indiana expungements do not meet the federal requirement to negate the expunged prohibitor. The lady from ISP informed me that their 3 legal advisors were going to meet with the FBI and DOJ in DC, but there was no definite timeframe. I know this has been an issue in the past but was supposedly resolved by a change of wording in the restoration statute. I know for sure just a year ago, the FBI was allowing Indiana expungements to suffice for a proper person as a relative acquired her LTCH after expungement. She was delayed, approved, and denied and won on appeal on several purchase transactions. The multiple arms of government obviously dont play well with each other... especially within the DOJ... the ATF and FBI... any info or insight anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated!!! I can't find anything online, only what the ISP rep has relayed.

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