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Can you open carry in Indiana with a permit?

Welcome gator! I believe you can but one or more of our resident "hoosiers" I'm sure will clarify that for you. Tattedupboy is really up on state laws so he would be the best to ask. Unfortunately he has not been on much as he is recovering from a shooting incident.
It is legal, but I wouldn't recommend it because you will be getting a lot of unneeded attention. On the top of your permit it says "License To Carry Handgun". Not "Concealed Pistol License" which is what it says on Michigan permits.
Indiana law officially doesn't care.

I get a few looks now and then, but am largely unmolested (which is the general idea...). I've never had any issue with law enforcement either. All of the LEO's I've talked to know it's legal (I've not talked to many, but I can only guess that the majority of their colleagues know that as well).

If you're ever in the southern part of the state (Columbus, Seymour, etc.) gimme a shout, we could hit up my favorite range and throw lead.
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Not without an IN LTCH or other state's equivalent.
I live in southern IN (Clark County) and OC occasionally, Both in IN and KY. Have had one LEO ask me how I like my XD. Have had a couple (all in Louisville KY, where OC is allowed without a license) 'recommend' that I cover it ( which I did once because I have my LTCH from IN), but not always. I get some 'looks' but no where near the problem they get in MI.
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Indiana is one of the few states where you need a permit to carry, period. In other words, as long as you have an Indiana carry permit, you can carry openly or concealed. Without a permit, you can't carry at all.

I used to live in Indiana, and had a carry permit. I OCed much of the time, and never had a word said to me. Maybe they were all afraid of me. :wink: Now I live in Michigan, but I still visit Indiana, and I OC there with no trouble.
i live in the northern part of indiana.. i open carry 99% of the time, as does my wife. we are both linenced... she just got her licence. i have had mine for 3-1/2 years... i have never been told to cover it. if i run in to some one that asks about it i say "no i am not a leo, i am a citizen with a licence" and it is all good after that. the only times i have been asked by a leo to show a linence was once at walmart, rookie leo i think, and once during a traffic stop. all the leos i talk to say as long as it is in a holster you wont get harassed. they only say "are you a cop or are you licenced" i reply i am liceneced, and they say good and walk away.
As a newly licenced Indiana resident this is a topic I had a hard time finding information on. Thank you all for clearing it up for me.

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