Indian reservation

It depends on the Reservation... not in my neck of the woods! (or desert) :no:

Be Careful on Arizona Reservations

Ok does any one know if u can ccw on a Indian reservation ?

The word in Arizona, for our Reservations, is that you can carry on main roadways through the reservation, but be cautious going off road and using your gun without specific permission. Indian Reservations are considered independent nations and as one writer mentioned, it could take an act of congress to get action on a problem.
If it is worth it to you, because you live in or around one of the reservations, or travel through on a regular basis, I believe you can apply for a carry permit through their police department.
I know that this is an old thread, but I myself have wondered about Cherokee, NC. I emailed the police department there. I recommend calling them before carrying there. I'm not 100% sure that this guy's info is totally correct. He says that you cannot carry in the National Park in NC. I thought that it was now legal..??? Here is the response that I received:

"Mr. _____,

If you are carrying your permit with you, you are legal to have your gun in open view and unloaded. If you possess a concealed carry permit, you may carry your pistol. You must have your concealed permit with you and present it upon any contact with a law enforcement officer. You may not possess a firearm in any National Park in North Carolina.

Thank you for inquiring first.

Daniel Iadonisi Detective Sergeant

Cherokee Indian Police Department

(828) 497-4131

(828) 554-6614

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