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If you guys could please keep KimberRB and his girlfriend in your thoughts and prayer. He had an incident last night that no one should have to go through. I'll let KimberRB explain in more detail if he decides to later but everyone is physically ok. I think my dad was more pissed then anything but it sounded like his girlfriend is still pretty shaken.

Thanks everyone

Thanks for the prayers and thanking of us. My girlfriends X has been stocking her for some time. Well last night he showed up on my front door step. He pulled up in his truck at the front door and as she went out to see what he was up to he stuck a 38 in him mouth and shot himself. We worked on him for 20 mi. (yes it took 20mi for EMS and cops to show up) he did not make it. As KimberPB has said I was more pissed that he could do this right in front of her. I am fine and the girlfriend is doing ok but is quite a bit shaking up. He did leave a son and daughter behind please keep them in your preys as well. :mad:
Wow - sorry to hear that RB. No one should have that tragedy dumped in their lap like that.

Prayers going up for you and yours, and the kids left behind. I'm grateful he launched only himself into eternity.

Please tell me the kids did not witness any of this...
Believe me I do understand. My younger brother did the same thing in '84 at his wifes place. The anger, guilt, denials and countless other emotions are unbelievable. My mother and one other brother still to this day blame themselves.

The Wife and I will keep you two in our prayers.

Prayers going out. Sorry this happened to you.

Suicide is a cowardly and SELFISH act!:mad: I'm glad that he didn't try to take anybody else with him!
Wow, I'm kinda left speechless on this one. This guy had a lot of issues but at least he didn't decide to take others with him. My prayers go out to you, your girlfriend and his children.
That is a terrible thing to have to see but I am glad at least that you and your girl friend are o.k. I will pray for the family.
I just wanted send my condolences for the families involved. May God give you the comfort and peace that only he can give.
Wow. The whole situation is messed up, and I am sorry that you all had to be involved in it. If there can be a bright spot in it, at least she won't be stalked by him any more, which extends to every who she associates with.
Sorry to hear about this incident,its a terrible thing to witness someone die. No matter who he or she may be. I pray that Gods peace comforts each and every person this has effected. God Bless y'all.
Wrong call Glockster20

Survival/Self Preservation is one of the primal instincts of mankind. Suicide--in the absence of a debilitating illness--is the ultimate symptom of mental illness. I worked as an aide in a psychiatric hospital and saw a lot of unfortunate occurances, each with it's own story. Common thread was their utter hopeless and not getting the right assistance early on. Prayers to all involved especially the witnesses and children who will no doubt need counseling now.
so sorry to hear that.. I pray for all involved. I can understand the anger issue having a very selfish person put others through such a hard thing to deal with.

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