In Mass is class A really a concealed permit?


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In Mass a class A permit says you can carry concealed and loaded, but if the issuing authority puts for hunting and target, Does that mean it must be locked up and unloaded until your actually at the range or in the woods? What if I'm bringing it to a friends or to a gun shop, e:confused:tc.?


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Why did you ask for or get any restrictions when you applied?

Its up to the chief in the town he lives in. Mass Is a MAY issue state. Most towns only give out class b or a restricted class a the first time around.

Yes, you cant carry it loaded exept when at the range or while hunting. With your restricted class a you can transport it anywhere (unloaded ammo seperate and in a locked container)


What class do they issue to the criminal element?? Only assault and robbery, are there certin restrictions on who or what you can rob??


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First time I heard of this "Class A" permit. Is this something that is available in certain states. Glad I don't have those restrictions on my permit here in Michigan


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and what happens when you appeal it, isn't it up to him, period?

Write a letter telling him why you need an unrestricted Class A LTC, show him you are an upstanding, law abiding citizen, point to community work you may have done, personal achievements....boy scouts, eagle scout, philanthrapist, etc...also check out Gun Owners' Action League - - "Protecting Your Freedom Begins Here". There are tips there on writing a letter, etc. Link Removed

You might want to call GOAL and ask them as well. YOu shoiuld also become a GOAL member!!!

Good luck.

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