In Charlotte/Mecklenburg Co. using non-resident CHP/CCW.


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Do any NC residents carry using only an out-of-state CCW/CHP from a state like Virginia or Florida? And if so, have you had any encounters with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff? Have you been hassled, or did they honor it?

Under the plain language of North Carolina law, out-of-state permits should be legally valid for carrying (although not purchasing). A call to the NC Attorney General's office confirmed this. But what the law says and what various state LEO agencies (especially in Mecklenburg) may not always be the same.

FWIW, to preempt any off-topic but well-meaning commenters, I am aware that there are very good reasons for using a NC permit; however, I don't have mine yet, being a recent transplant to Charlotte, and I understand that especially in Mecklenburg it can take a while.


I've never dealt with the Mecklenburg sheriff's office, but I would be surprised if there was a problem. The state law is very clear. All valid state-issued permits are acceptable in NC.

Now if your driver's licence shows you as a North Carolina RESIDENT, but you're carrying a Virginia RESIDENT permit, that could cause an issue. But a VA non-resident permit should be fine, since NC accepts any valid state-issued permit from any state.

I live in Apex (near Raleigh) and our police chief is a former NYPD officer who is not gun-friendly, but follows the law in NC. Even though the chief isn't gun-friendly, the majority of the officers on the street have no problems with you carrying as long as you follow the law. NC overall is a pretty pro-gun state, although I'll admit that Mecklenburg County, Asheville, and Chapel Hill (the Berkeley California of NC) have a lot of anti-gun people.

Interestingly, the law technically means that if your permit is from DC or NYC, it's not clear that that would be acceptable since that isn't a STATE issued permit as required by the law. There have been no cases I've heard about to test that. You'd probably have to piss off the cops pretty bad for them to hassle you about that issue though.

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