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One of my CHL students (call him Fred) reported to me yesterday, that recently he was perused for several miles throughout a nearby small community by an irate building contractor whom he had fired a few days earlier.

He drove away from the aggressor twice and then drove to a nearby interstate highway where he drove past one exit and then turned around at the next exit with his pursuer in close proximity. On his way back to his home, he reached speeds in excess of 100 mph., outrunning the contractor. By the time he reached an exit where there was a State police Troop headquarters he turned off and stopped at the headquarters and waited for about 15 min. and the guy never showed up. From there he drove home only to be stopped from pulling into his driveway by the contractor. The contractor opened his door but stayed behind the door and began doing something with his hands.

Then Fred, who still did not have his license, realized that he certainly had a problem. First, his repeated attempts to call “911” form his cell phone were futile because he could not get a signal. Second; he had his gun but had no access to his ammo. He was following the law to the letter until he got his license.

So, he decided to “Bluff” with his pistol and laser and some threatening language that only a Marine could use effectively. It worked; the other man got back into his truck and drove away-------- and called 911 reporting that he had just been fired on two times.

Fred then went inside and called 911, but was too late as the cops were already on their way to a shots fired call. He was amazed. He had just been outside and didn’t hear any shots.

He was later taken into custody, taken to jail and booked for shooting at the jerk. The cop did not let him get his asthma inhaler, but took his empty gun. During the night, he had an asthma attack and had to be taken to the emergency room of the hospital where he happened to be the administrator for treatment. He got a bill for that.

A detective read him his rights at 5:30 the next morning while recording Fred’s statement. The detective finally turned off the recorder and asked “and the gun was empty and no shots were fired?” They then checked the gun and it was as clean as a whistle and the laser that two “expert” cops swore was not installed on the gun was indeed there. Then it sank in and the cops could not get him on the street fast enough. He walked across town to his home, packed his bags and drove out of state to join his family who were waiting for him to begin their vacation.

He acknowledges that there are a number of things that he should have done differently, and a number of things that the cops could have done differently.

If I had not known him well, I would have laughed. It could have been much worse. I wouldn’t trade places with the rookie arresting officer for anything. She's a blond.

Does anyone else have any case histories?

WOW... he's got some big'uns to bluff like that - but then again, if I was staring down the barrel of a .45 with a red dot on my chest, I'd get out of his way too.... Glad the detective had some common since...
Seems like he used up all of his options. Sadly, it got him in a bunch of trouble by some cops with apparently nothing better to do. But lesson one from my HCL class was to not display a weapon you're not about to use. This one's a connundrum for me.
Sadly, it got him in a bunch of trouble by some cops with apparently nothing better to do. But lesson one from my HCL class was to not display a weapon you're not about to use. This one's a connundrum for me.

I couldn't agree with you more, but, he was in his own front yard and fending off a very aggressive person who's intentions were very suspect especially after trying to force Fred off of the road. It was a conundrum for him as well. The jail might have even been a safe haven for the night if he had been allowed to take his inhaler with him.
Even though the charges were dropped. have him make sure the arrest doesn't show in his file, and if it does, get it expunged.

Glad it worked out for him.
Fred's Delima

Fred found that out. Therefore, even though it was dropped by the prosecutor, he is having to sue the Police Department and/or the LEO's and possibly the Chief to get the arrest record expunged. If he wins, the only damages that he really wants would be enough to cover his legal expenses. Then he would be a prime candidate to teach CHL classes with a little more training.

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