impulse buy-SW642 Power Port


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I just picked up a NIB 642 Power Port Pro with tritium sights and a sweet trigger job. I didn't focus on the ported barrel, now I am second guessing myself. Has anyone shot this gun? Did I screw up?

Did you get the gun at a good price?? :yu:
Does it go bang when you have it loaded an pull the trigger??
Do you like the gun?? :man_in_love:

HOW could I tell if you screwed up?? :no:
It sounds like you got a pretty good gun to me. :pleasantry:
Course, if you want to throw it out . . .
I was just referring to the port. I put 100 rds thru it last week, and I can tell you I did not screw up. This is a great little gun, and I plan to use it for EDC.

I don't know if I got a good price or not, but since I'm happy with it I won't complain.
Exactly. If it fills YOUR need, and YOU are satisfied with the gun, you DID NOT SCREW UP, JMHO.

But alas, it looks like you've got a keeper, the porting is just a innocuous thing. If you like it great, if not then that's fine too. I know in shotguns - shich I'm a little more familiar with, the "ported" chokes debate is still raging and won't be settled till the cows come home. I've gone both ways and really can't tell much difference.

But then again, if you want to throw it out . . . :biggrin:
how is the port working out on the gun. does it blind u at night, or blast powder on your face when u draw and shoot from your hip. Just asking i alway hear this when ever they mention ported barrels when u conceal carry. Your imput would be apreciated.
I haven't had a chance to test the night shoot yet, but Ill let you know when I do as I am curious too. as far as shooting from the hip, I do see that as a potential problem... I am still working on a scenario to test that and still keep safe....

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