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How can this BE...??

Police shootout erupts in Chelsea
LONDON (Reuters) - Armed police returned fire after they were shot at in an upmarket west London suburb late on Tuesday, Scotland Yard said.

The shooting, in Markham Square, Chelsea, just off the suburb's popular shopping street, Kings Road, took place just before 5 p.m., a spokeswoman said.

Armed police, she said, were forced to return fire after they were shot at. It is unclear how many gunmen were involved.
Aren't guns actually FORBIDDEN in the UK?!? It must be the safest place on Earth!


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Attention: If you own any guns in the UK, you are gonna be in ALOT of trouble

...There, that oughta do it...oh wait


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I am sure this story could not be true. It is impossible to believe that a criminal could have a gun in a place where they are illegal.


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I'm sure this is all a misunderstanding. The BG probably just was not aware that it was illegal for him to own the firearm. As soon as they find all the gunmen and inform them of the law I'm sure they will be more then happy to turn in all their guns. They are just a bunch of good kids turning there lives around and just wasn't aware of the law.

Ya..... that must be it! :rolleyesb:


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I agree.. I mean after all.. it is the law. and everyone follows the law, especially the one's with criminal minds. they are the best at it in fact.


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I will give it to the UK (and many other states like them) that, by the numbers, they actually run lower in terms of absolute murders. That's just because the average person finds it harder to actually kill someone with a knife or a shoe than with a gun. However, the UK and others like them can enforce those kinds of laws, because they exercise a kind of oppression on their people.

My view is that the benefit, or lack of, is really immaterial. It's our inalienable right, and even if violence ceased to exist in the world, it would continue to be our right to carry firearms, because it's our right to do it. We shouldn't have to produce a good justification. Our right to bear arms should be justifiable on no reason better than the mere fact that they exist - the same as our right to speak freely rests on the fact that we have the ability to speak.

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