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My 10 year son and I just returned home to Kansas from a trip to Illinois to purchase an off road motorcycle. It was an emotionally difficult task to stop, unload and lock up my carry gun and magazines seperately before crossing the border into a state that seemed hostile to concealed carry. When we crossed back into Missouri which accepts Kansas permits I reloaded as quickly as possible.

I guess I've carried long enough that I feel just a little bit naked without my pistol. I kept my fingers crossed for the twelve hours it took to complete the tranaction that nothing bad would develop. I don't know if I could live with myself should something horrible happen to my family members that could have been prevented by a gun that I did not have available. In the future I intend to avoid travel in states (within reason) that will not allow law abiding people to defend themselves.

I certainly wouldn't mind the good people of Illinois to carry a concealed handgun in Kansas. All I can say is good luck to you all in your fight for your right to self defense.

try living in Illinois like i do , so much paranoia & hatred for us citizens that r lawfully abiding and want to carry CCW
It was a tough battle to get concealed carry in Kansas. A republican governor and later a democrat governor vetoed the right to carry but finally our state legislature mustered enough votes to override the veto. Now I'm proud to say that Kansas is a "Shall Issue" state. Even antigun news people recently admitted there has been no problerms with concealed carry in Kansas. No "Wild West" shootouts as some predicted.

It's going to take grassroots effort In Illinois to ensure that antigun politicians do not infringe on the peoples right to self defense. You can bet that when a bad guy (who doesn't respect any gun laws) threatens to harm you or your family those antigun advocates won't be there to help you out. As much as they would like prevent injury and the loss of life. the police are powerless to stop indiividual acts of violence. Most thugs won't practice their profession while being watched by the law.

I wish the fine people of Illinois well and maybe during my next visit I'll be allowed carry my handgun concealed and loaded.
I was working a table at then gun show in Wichita with Phil Journey. A fellow stopped and asked "How long does it take to get a CCW?"

I said it took me 30 years but he could get his in 90 days.

Phil and I did lots of letter writing. But when Phil became a State Senator he created a veto-proof coalition in both Houses. e started small, things like a universal [but not mandatory] transport law, range protection... then CCH with more, preemption from most city laws. Then Title III.
But Phil was elected a Sedgwick County Judge since he isn't rich enough to serve as a State Senator [that pay is terrible and the hours precluded his law practice].

Even if you don't live in Illinois [or Kansas] support good gun laws with time and money.
Welcome to Kansas State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association
I don't know if I could live with myself should something horrible happen to my family members that could have been prevented by a gun that I did not have available.

Me, neither. So, why put yourself in that position? Suppose the Constitution gets amended and the 2A is gone. But, nothing has changed in society to make you think you're any safer. What are you gonna do then? Become a sheep? :no:

If I had to go to, say, Illinois, my need to protect myself and my family doesn't go away, so...

I don't expect an answer, just provoking some thought. Glad you made it in and out of the PRI safely.
I have to admit that I feel much better rearmed.:pleasantry: We saw well over thirty vehicles crashed, overturned and stuck in snow banks. It wouldn't do to have the police investigate an accident where an illegally concealed pistol turned up in my truck or on my person. The only way I even got my Kansas CCHL and a Utah nonresident CFP is because I tend to follow the rules and have no criminal history. I certainly intend to live the remaining part of my life jail-free.

However, you do make a valid point. In the future I will try to refrain from traveling through states where I cannot legally carry my pistol. We all know that when trouble develops there probabaly won't be any cops available to stop the bad guys. We all have to watch out for ourselves. I felt uncomfortable and I don't care for a repeat performance anytime soon.

I guess I might be one of those knife throwin', ax tossin', gun shootin' Sheep that won't go down. Have you ever seen Bighorn sheep fight???? It's one heck of a show.:biggrin:
You know, it's funny, cause I grew up in a gun culture, we always had guns around. While I didn't necessarily carry a lot back then, a weapon was pretty much always close at hand. Have never had to use it; but basically "never left home without it". Our young family drove many times across the country and I never would have considered not having the means to protect my family at a remote rest stop at 3 in the morning. I had good-paying jobs that I would have jeopardized had I been popped. I never really thought about it. It was my family.

So, when I travel across problematic states, with NO permits honored, I tend to be just as nonchalant. Without my personal means of self-defense, I would be putting myself and my wife at unacceptable risk. So, the choice, for me is to drive around the state, or barrel on through. I choose the latter but I do this in a sane way: all licenses, registration, insurance cards are upfront and easily accessible. The weapon would have found its way into the glove box (maybe the trunk), which would NEVER be opened.

I drive reasonably and my wife and I look much the middle -age, middle-class couple on a road trip. No threat. I've never been stopped in over 30 years of traversing the country to her family out west and mine on the east coast. I guess, bottom line, you got to do what you got to do; for me the risk (legal hassle, jail time) was worth the lives of my wife and sons. So, now I have permits which allow me to carry in most states, and that's well and good. But sometimes you have to venture out beyond those "safe boundaries" into Mordor and it makes no sense to do so unarmed.

Doesn't really matter what the gov't has to say about it. And I know the site is about legal carry. But it's my family.
We must fight the fear that's ingrained in us.

Just making conversation.
I live in Missouri, right next to the Illinois border. I don't travel in the state if it's not an emergency. I can legally carry in 37 states, yet become a felon if I cross into Illinois. I won't go there or spend money until I'm treated like a tax paying citizen!

Missouri fought for 13 years to get a good concealed carry law. We had to override a Democrat Governor in 2003 to get our law passed, just like Kansas did later. Then we had to win a lawsuit to carry. On February 26, 2004 the Missouri Supreme Court ageed win us! 6 years later we have issued over 90,000 permits and recognize all other states permits.

If you believe in the Second Amendment and live in, or visit the state of Illinois, please join the good citizens of Illinois and join the ISRA. Illinois State Rifle Association
I am also a Missourian and we annually go to Tennessee and pass by a little to Illinois. This year we won't. Illinois don't want our money and we ain't gonna give it to them either. And that's the way it is...:no: don't need got Oprah...:sarcastic:
Two months ago we had to drive to North Carolina due to a death in the family. With my Kansas CCH and Utah nonresident permit I was legal to carry my handgun in all states except for Illinois. Again, I followed the law of the land while driving through the state but I stopped to rearm just as soon I cleared the border going both ways. It's strange that if Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virgina, Virgina and North Carolina allows me to carry a loaded handgun, what would make me a threat to the good people of Illinois?:no:

I just don't get it.

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