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As usual, politicians get to follow a different set of rules as compared to the rest of us. Ranging from pensions to healthcare to firearms. Illinois Senate Donne trotter who has voted against concealed carry in Illinois is caught with a handgun in his carry on luggage. To top it off, its not registered in Chicago per city ordinance and he HAS a permit to carry. Chicago's politics at work.

imagine that.....i am sure that it was just a moment of forgetfulness on his part. he really doesn't need a weapon as the illinois constabulary can protect him. what was he thinking?
You beat me :p Another case of "do as I say, not as I do."

"Trotter, a Chicago Democrat, is a gun control advocate who once voted "no" on a measure that would have allowed state residents to carry concealed weapons in 1995."
Well, at least they're fairly applying the far. He'll probably get a slap on the wrist while the rest of us would be slapped with a felony and some prison time. Even worse, it was a .25 caliber Beretta pea shooter that he says he uses for personal security (I wouldn't trust a .25 pistol for personal security)...and he had it in his garment bag, visible, with mags. Of course, he used the "I didn't know it was there" excuse but what he doesn't understand is that it was at O'Hare (second busiest airport in the country), not in some Cook County building where the Machine would be able to bury it. Apparently it was unloaded because if it was loaded, he'd be federally f***ed and charged under 49 USC § 46505 (bringing a loaded gun etc onto a plane). And they say that "we" aren't responsible enough (via voting no on carry bills) to carry concealed firearms but this dolt carries one onto a plane, albeit unloaded but still.
Wishful thinking that the felony will stick but yeah, Cook County judge, their courts are so corrupt it's not even funny. I've heard of attorneys threatening to kill pro se defendants in open court and judges do nothing. No one can do anything because of the eavesdropping statute. Bribery and money laundering too.

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Trotter now shoots off his mouth

Now Sen. Trotter is calling some of his white colleagues "crackers" during a speech. He tried claiming "it's not a derogatory word". The video is at Link Removed
Yup. White people are the only ethnic group capable of racism, that Shabazz character doesn't hate white people (even though he advocated killing all white people).

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