Illinois Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information


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Let me know if there is anything I missed or if you have something to add.

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As an older citizen of the state of Illinois It is important to me to legally defend myself and my family. that is why I joined this group,it is time for good citizen to be able to defend themselves. It is time for our state to back the non criminal faction. and give us the right to carry and be safe thank you Irish 1952
Today, 04 May 2011,I got a call from Illinois Dept of Corrections telling me that the person I put in prison for trying to kill me was being released. I then wrote a letter to the Governor literally BEGGING HIM for a permit or permission to carry a gun because of these Circumstances. I own several guns,have the Chicago,AZ,NH,VA and PA permits took all the training a civilian can,and have a valid FOID. I am law abiding and contributing member of the community. This is a prime case of an instance where a permit SHOULD be issued under the circumstances,but for some reason in this state,they dont understand or recognize the US Constitution. Ill keep y'all posted but Im not holdin my breath on this one.

ARMED IN CHICAGO (Despite the fact the 'law' says I cant be)

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