Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day


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March 11, 2008 Springfield, Il.

Mark that day on your calendar, schedule a vacation day, personal day, whatever you have to do to be in Springfield for Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day!!

With the Illinois General Assembly back in session the "assault weapons ban" and all other anti-gun owner bills from 2007 are back in play again in 2008. The Illinois State Police are setting their own rules on FOID card requirements bringing a whole new meaning to the words "subject to police power" in the Illinois State Constitution. Cook County is trying to expand Chicago style gun control to the whole county plus trying to shut down all firearm retailers and gun shows in Cook County - first Chicago, then all of Cook County, and then the state. The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence has hit the ground running for the 2008 session of the General Assembly pushing for more restrictions on Illinois gun owners instead of criminals with guns!

Now is not the time to sit idly by and wring our hands. NOW is the time to show up at the Illinois State Capitol and let our voices be heard - the voices of Illinois Gun owners - loud clear voices that we have had enough infringements on our rights - we'll budge no further. In fact, not only do we stand our ground, we want back ground that's been lost. Illinois is one of only two states left that does not have a Right to Carry law and that is unacceptable to the law abiding citizens of Illinois.

A fleet of charter buses will be arriving from all corners of the state - to reserve a seat on the bus and avoid all the hassles of driving and finding a parking place just select from one of the buses listed on the left.

Don't miss this monumental movement in Illinois firearm history! Join together with firearm owners from all over the state at IGOLD and let your voice heard!

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