IL Ammunition Ban Bill

Seems like the manufacturer of this machine is trying to sell it to who ever will buy it. Hawaii set a great precedent when the measure was killed in the House of Representatives. I'm hoping that it will meet the same fate in the Senate.



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Money, Money, Money

This is all about some company making money. They are going around talking it up and getting the blind to buy into it. This would cost so much even the LEO's, Cities, and Counties could not get ammo. Now we got to deal with money grabbing as well.
Not to mention the ridiculous task of keeping records on all of the ammo sales. I go through around 50 boxes of ammo each month. Once the ammo is expended, most of the packaging ends up in the trash. The brass goes off to the recyclers, and I head to the gun shop for more ammo. Imagine the process repeating over and over. Eventually there will be a bunch of these essentially "useless" records sitting somewhere taking up space. Even if the info is recorded electronically, they'll be spending money on man hours to enter the info into the system, enforcement of the law, and educating ammo dealers on the process. Even if military and law enforcement become "exempt", everyone still loses. All it will take is a single case where "military" or "law enforcement" ammunition is used in a crime, then we're back to square one.

Seriously, there has been no significant data that proves that this technology would help in solving crimes. Bullets often are destroyed or seriously deformed once fired. Brass casings fly all over the place at the range. A BG could simply go to the local shooting range and pick up a bunch of brass. If they wear gloves, then some of the shooter's finger prints may still be on the brass. Simply commit your crime and leave a few of the casings at the scene. Want to confuse the LEO community, leave a couple different types of brass. Maybe mix up revolver and semi-auto brass, and leave it at the scene. This will waste LE resources because they'll have many different avenues to investigate. Were multiple firearms really involved? Or have they encountered a very "smart" BG?

Too many "bad" scenarios created by this ridiculous law. To think that of all the data collected, only a tiny fraction of it will ever relate to a crime. They'll have volumes on the ammo I'm shooting, but never have any use for because all of my rounds will have been shot at the range and all of my brass would have been accounted for (personally by me).

We've go to find a way to enlighten the lawmakers on the issue.



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Perhaps we should contact some ammunition manufacturers and suggest that they do the same kind of thing that STI did.This kind of stupidity will cost the manufacturers MILLIONS if they do it.If they simply refuse,and stop selling to law enforcement,maybe somebody will wake up.I think I will contact my reps in the Texas legislature and give them my thoughts on whether or not they should consider this kind of nonsense.At present I do not think they are,but we can 't go to sleep on these things.
Sounds like a plan. While we're at it, maybe we can find out all we can on the company that makes the device that will mark the bullets and casings. Maybe the have some "skeletons" in the closet that need to be exposed. ;)

Seems like a case of a greedy corporation exploiting the fears of uninformed folks to make a buck.

I know that Federal Cartridges are made in Anoka, MN, Remington is made in Lonoke, AR and CCI/Speer is made in Lewiston, ID. We can start with these three companies and their state law makers and see where it goes.



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I have been looking for the name of the company that makes this machine, but I cannot find out who is making it. Can anyone tell me who it is? I would just like to know so if they have some other investments we can stop supporting them as well.
I pulled this info off of the NSSF website: Link Removed

"......Threats of Bullet Serialization

• The California legislature has attempted numerous times to give the state’s Attorney General the power to mandate bullet serialization of all ammunition ― including shotgun shells. While the firearms industry was able to thwart this dangerous legislation from passing, future attempts to require bullet serialization are a certainty, in California and elsewhere.

• A lobbying campaign is underway to pass legislation at the state level mandating bullet serialization. The Ravensforge Company, a skateboarding equipment corporation with strong financial ties to bullet serialization technology, is leading the charge....."

This is the real reason that "Officer Rivieri" of the Baltimore PD was pissed at the skateboarding kids on the harbor. ;)


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A model approach for other states?

This may be the next step in many states, or perhaps nationally.
If there are 80 million guns in the US and they can't all be banned or turned in, just make it impossible to get or to afford ammunition. Problem solved!

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