Ignorance Personified !


She's also the one who called for people to come out of their homes after the Rodney King police trial while shouting "No Justice, No Peace". She and Mayor Bradley should have been jailed for inciting a riot.


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Part and parcel for current members of the democratic party... Not a lot of heavy thinking going on in that organization...

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Unless you're a lib up for re-election with a loser for a leader. I wonder how many votes she'll get by asking for all of that money for her people? (liberal voters)

Since she has had that District "locked up" since forever, she can say whatever she puts a mind (????) to. If, in this instance, she can "show" her District that she is trying to get them more "Obama Money", all will be well with her, election after election. (Which speaks plenty for the average voter in her District. None of it worthy of note.)

Just recently she said that she wanted to send the Tea Party "straight to hell"! Which, I suppose, riles up the dumb masses..... Then, again, the Dems are well known for their "emotional" outbursts rather than considered logical discussion. (I surmise that perhaps the Dem "Leadership" does not believe their average voters CAN follow logical discussion. So they seem to chose hype, bumper stickers and mantra slogans.... and, (oh yeah), monetary bribes to win and keep their votes.)

I have seen Maxine go through her maniacal utterances more than once. (C-Span has entertainment value, if little else.) Sometimes you really have to wonder if she really believes the stuff she spouts for her constituents' consumption. For if she does..... we have here a somewhat "disturbed" individual.

Just sayin'.


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