If you want to open Carry, and scare some of the goblins away, carry this


Ok I got to ask. Why are you so out there?

Who in his right mind would want to carry a BAR .50 Cal.

Your post makes no sense man. Also Open Carry a rifle. You do not need a carry permit to carry a rifle, well at least in Texas you do not. But again... OC and BAR do not make sense.

Are you in California? or are you smoking the good weed or drinking the kool-aid?

You are an instructor your students will mimic you, your students will look up to you. You as an instructor ar a pilar of your community and an example to the gun community.

Act like one.

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here and say you just wanted to post a funny and comic idea. maybe you had it in a dream and it would make everyone happy and like I did, remember the times in my young days when I put my hands on the butterfly and made the M2 cream like a vanshe and sent a few targets to Valhalla....!

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