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Here is our chance to try and persuade the Gov. of VA to sign SB 476, the repeal of the restaurant ban. The latest newsletter from the VCDL has a prewritten letter to send to Gov. Kaine and a link to the governor's website. Here is the link: Link Removed and here is the prewritten letter:

Please sign SB 476 into law! SB 476 allows the most trustworthy group of citizens in the Commonwealth, concealed handgun permit holders, to be able to carry concealed in restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages. The permit holder is prohibited from consuming any alcoholic beverages while doing so. This bill absolutely does NOT "mix guns and alcohol" because it contains appropriate penalties and even a notification provision. SB 476 does allow permit holders to enjoy a meal with their families without having to either unnecessarily handle a loaded gun & leave it in their car, where it can be stolen and used in a crime, or to have to carry the gun openly. Currently THIRTY-SEVEN other states allow concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol and have done so successfully because of the law-abiding nature of permit holders. I urge you to stand with Virginia's 149,000 permit holders and to support SB 476! Please let me know what you are going to do.


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What if a person who is carrying consumes alcohol? Do they have to carry openly, or not at all? Actually, the law as written now is a heck of a lot better than it is in a lot of other states, where no carry is allowed at all in restaurants that serve alcohol. If this bill does away with that provision, it really is not worth supporting. It is only worth supporting if it protects the rights of patrons regardless of whether they're drinking.

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