If you could only have one gun...

if you could only have 1 gun what would it be

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One gun and many purposes? My first thought was for a combination weapon, like a drilling. I have seen European triple barreled weapons with three different bores. Small bore rifle, large bore rifle and shotgun would be a great choice. Most people have never seen this sort of weapon, so I voted for a pistol. I have a .22 cal kit for my 1911, along with the stock .45 acp. Other calibers could be worked into the area of operation. Fashion a rifle type stock that either attached to the pistol, or worked in concert with the shooter to stabilize the weapon and range is increased.

Shot gun ammo is to large and bulky and shotguns are hard to hide or concel.

situation dependent

Right now? a pistol for the concealability.
TEOTWAWKI? a rifle. 20" AR

But it's for the all-around utility that I voted for the shotgun and I'm surprised that it's currently only 29% of the total votes. Defense, hunting are covered. If you could conceal it or OC legally!! it would be the best all around.
If it came down to only one gun (I really hope it doesn't) it would probably be something like the following:

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I would get the 12 gauge/ .223 version.

Good question! Thought I would take the pistol. My HK USP compact .40 but then thought about my CX4. Almost forgot about it. Probably because I haven't shot it yet. That should happen tomorrow!
If the scenario proposed of only one gun were put into law, that would undoubtedly mean that concealed carry would have been outlawed. That leaves a gun for home defense primarily and the best for all members of the family, who may not be the best of shots, would be the shotgun.
I'd rather keep all of my firearms (rifles, shotguns, pistols, even my other defense tools such as my fighting sticks, swords, and knives). Why make me choose just one? With that said, at least with my pistol, I can carry it legally with me wherever I go.

If in the worse-case scenario that everything by legislation becomes banned, then I will voluntarily become a criminal with owning and/or carrying something as a tool of defense (family and self) and a means to feed my family.

- Ceicei

CeiCei says it best for me! I don't want to give up ANY of my guns and I feel sorry for any SOB who tries to take them from me. My 9mm and my .45 both have 6 loaded magazines and I have a 10 shot magazine extension for my 12 gauge. My .308 is a tack driver, and I have thousands of rounds of ammo already loaded and enough components to load thousands more. So, as GWB said, "Bring 'em on", but they'd better have a dumptruck load of body bags too 'cause they'll damn sure need them!
Brutal choice

Tough to make a call...but I was honest, and went with my gut. I'm one of the few that voted for shotgun. Why? For years all I had was a shotgun (my 870 was my first gun given to me when I was 16). I enjoyed shooting trap and bird hunting and always felt very safe with a few 00 rounds in the mag when I was home. If I had to choose between being able to carry concealed, and never go bird hunting again...well, the bird hunting wins.

I'm really glad this is never a choice we will HAVE to make! If I could only afford one... well, I'd probably sell my old 870 and buy a cheap single shot 12ga and a cheap pistol...no compromise!
My thinking is if the perverbial Manure Hits the Air Circulation Device, I would prefer to be armed with a rifle. I guess with things as they are now, (and that could change any day) :pleasantry:I would prefer a good Auto Pistol for carry and home protection.
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I like all of my guns and wouldn't give up any of them. I picked rifle because they are more accurate for long distances.
First, I echo all the comments that decry such a sorry state of affairs that would limit me to just one gun. Such a case might provide additional considerations that make my choice all the more obvious.

But if I have to prioritize my list to my primary gun,the one that will serve me in the face of a full spectrum of threats (or opportunities) - I choose an ASR (autoloading sport rifle. I hate the way the Left has molested America with an unfounded aversion to the term "assault rifle"). Mine is a Robinson Armament XCR in 6.8 (or whatever bolt, barrel, magazine combo I install). With a rifle I can engage a full spectrum of targets much more flexibly and effectively than I can with a pistol or shotgun, and I think that safely applies to almost everyone else out there. That said, I was sure glad to have a sidearm to increase my options while serving in A-stan.
Shotgun, without a doubt. But, I live in the sticks and with a shotgun, I can carry open, kill all types of game for survival, and defend myself and family all at the same time. If I lived in downtown I might make a different choice. Alot of this is who you are and where you reside. Or better put, "where you belong"!

The Dove
:sarcastic: Heh! Sharp pointy sticks do have their uses....

:no: Not my first line of defense, but definitely a tool you don't want to mess... :biggrin:

- Ceicei

I'm not messing with you brother man. I just think it's funny you listed them. I keep a katana and an escrima stick in the bedroom. If I see a pistol in a hand coming through the doorway, it will be the first thing to hit the floor. :biggrin:
Shotgun. For home defense you cant beat it and you cant miss either. For food you have a lot of versitility in shot size from small game to deer size. For open defense you have a good choice of rifled slugs if you don't mind waiting for a 50 yard shot. Believe me I'd like to have a automatic pistol and rifle too, but only one to have? Hands down the versitile shotgun.:biggrin:

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