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Cleric John Preston
Pardon if this is a bit off topic. We all use the 2A to protect our families but don't forget about Identity Theft protection as well. We transmit a lot of data in the pursuit of filing for a permit & there is the added risk of robbery & home invasion.

You can get more info on my site below under Books / Services > Identity Theft

Hope this helps.

I really don't think it's nice of you to log in and promote your own business. Your post on another national CCW forum has already been deleted from there.

I agree. I don't see a problem with people promoting their business if they contribute to the forum, but this member has a total of 5 posts. After they have a couple hundred and are active, a drop of their business wouldn't bother me, but doing it right off the bat is out of line and IMHO, should be considered SPAM.

I have actually been a victim of Identity Theft and it sucks, but don't want to see adds for it on a CCW board. And if he is truly asking what CCWinstructor means, then he will never contribute to this board, because he doesn't know what this board is actually about.
Yes, this looks like spam to me. I didn't mention my business until 200 posts in, and I did it in a more appropriate section. Identity theft prevention isn't related to concealed carry.
Hey mrreynolds,

I wouldn't have a problem with this if you contributed to the site more but your only posts have been about getting people back to your site. I will be locking both of your threads. Please do not post advertisements anymore until you are a contributing member.

From our rules:

5. Advertising – There are many users that want to advertise their products or products of others. If you are not a contributing member to the forum these advertisements will not be tolerated. For those who are promoting products please ensure they are related to the 2nd Amendment.
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