Idaho Open Carry dinner, Thursday, Jan 24, 7pm, Black Bear Diner, Boise


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Our next Idaho Carry dinner will be on Thursday, January 24th at 7pm at the Black Bear Diner in Boise. Get there early to eat so we don’t have waiters running in and out during our presentation. The seating only allows 50 inside the room but during our presentation, there will be plenty of standing room. Basically, the early bird gets the seat. In February we’ve been invited by the owner of Mickey Ray’s BBQ to hold our dinner at their Milwaukee St. location in Boise, and their enclosed room holds 70+. At our next meeting we will be discussing new Idaho legislation. You don’t want to miss this.
For more info, contact [email protected]

Most of us will be at the Capital building tomorrow at noon. Also, this evening at 5:30 til about 6:30 or 7 some of us will be at the Blackbear discussing potential problems and security for tomorrows "Gun Appreciation Day/Guns Across America".

Welcome to join us!
Sure wish you would do this on a FRIDAY so those more than a few minutes away could attend.

I wish we could do this on a Friday too, but the restaurants won't allow us to reserve a room on their busiest night of the week. I keep promising to get Saturday breakfast and lunch meetings, but I have been out of town on business for most of the last 4 months. I will get it going, hopefully soon. Until then, we are relegated to Thursday nights.
Once again, I wasn't able to attend. Is there any chance you, IOC, could give us an update or summary concerning the events of the latest meeting?

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