Idaho Gun Law/Rights Tri-Fold Brochure


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Perhaps the admin can make this post a sticky.

This Brochure was created by some members over at the Link Removed forums and is a handy piece to keep on your person or in your vehicle.

Link Removed

Link Removed

Admin - I tried uploading these files here, but there were upload errors on both the pdf and zip file. So I've linked the files directly on the open carry forum. Perhaps we can get the upload feature fixed in the near future.

That was very helpful for me after moving here from WV about a month ago. Thanks!

The only things that I haven't been able to confirm is whether or not we can legally carry concealed into a bank (we can in WV) and do we have to notifiy an LEO during a traffic stop that we're legally carrying concealed (wasn't required in WV)?
You can carry in a bank and you do not have to notify of CCW when stopped for a simple traffic. If asked after the stop if you are armed then you would need to respond properly.
Yup, you can carry in a bank. I open carried into Mountain West Bank on Ironwood last Friday.

The only restrictions are on any public or private school, or a courthouse. But you have to strip down and go through a metal detector just to pay a traffic violation, so you wouldn't make it too far if you tried to in a courthouse. :D
Although, I was really surprised when the Sheriff's Department invited me to carry in the courthouse building and Sheriff's offices over in Council. Forget which county it was, Adams?

That was one reason I chose to move here a couple of years later.

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